True story: If the sex is boring now …

it won’t get any better after marriage. Stay single!

From New York magazine’s Sex Diaries we’ve posted a recent single woman’s diary entry about one week in her sex life: Hooking Up With Her Partner Between Work Calls.

Talk about boring sex. If this is sex in the Big Apple, where, “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere,” then this is … well, an ordinary sex life that you might want to use as a reference point not to ‘put up with!’ And that’s why we’re posting it.

She writes this is ‘great’ and is thinking marriage. Sounds like she’s settling.

It’s a 7 minute peek into 7 days of this woman’s sex life just might be what you need to know to not settle for ‘ordinary.’ The best part – some of it’s good – is that her guy’s “goal is to have me get off as many times as possible. This morning it’s three.” That’s the only highlight and it’s on day-7  – with a vibrator.

BTW, she also looks forward to “alone time” with her dog. Great relationships and great sex need more than this. Staying single should still be an option.

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