Soaking up sex … in the tub

Rule #1: Practice safe sex

Forget what you see in the movies or read in erotic books, bath tub sex – great bath tub sex – requires 3 things:

  • A sexy imagination
  • Positional flexibility
  • Safety

Soaking in a tub is a fabulous indulgence and if you want to transform that inner calming bliss to inner loving lust then don’t just ‘jump in and do it.’ Tub sex is very romantic – calming or wild, loving or kinky, wet and slippery –  but it’s different. And it’s important to know what you’re doing if you want to soak up some memorable sex – sex memories, not accidents.

Now if you want tub sex on your own, it’s a different story (much easier).

“With a good Jacuzzi, who needs a man.” – anonymous sex-tub-loving woman

Safe sex

Some people love tub sex so much that they have built in safety ‘equipment’ (handles, footholds, straps) but most of us aren’t that prepared. So it’s important to know what to do.

We’ve posted an article from Bad Girls Bible by Adriana, 6 Steps to Sexier Bathtub Sex with Your Man! It covers everything from temperature and bubbles to positions and lubes (yes lubes because water can dry you out).

The warmth, the water, the mood, the bath salts (see reco below) can be exquisite. Just make sure you’re both know the safety precautions.

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Safe includes natural

As the article points out, what you put in your bath water is important and nothing is better than the best of Mother Nature – plant-based CBD.

We know a woman, a cowgirl, who has created all-natural, CBD infused bath salts that are the perfect companion for a saucy romp in the tub. Or a quiet escape. Soak Soss, from Cowgirl Soss (sponsor) is a cutting-edge, Nano-CBD mineral bath salt that transforms your bath into a place of soothing, calm surrender … naturally.

Check out all the Cowgirl Soss products at their online shop – from Sleep Soss and Sore Soss to our favorite, Sex Soss. Or Dog Soss … yep, your pets can soak up the natural benefits of CBD too. Plus, you get 20% off your first order (code: SEX20) >>

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