“Yeah” … over-50 sex gets better and better!

at least for half of you.

We don’t know if Sandra Bullock is happy because she’s 58 or because she’s enjoying great sex – or both! What we do know is that almost half the women over 50 say they are having better sex as they age.

45% of adults report having better sex as they’ve aged

Better sex comes with age because knowledge, understanding and thinking – actually rethinking – about sex makes for wonderful improvements in a woman’s sex life. The shift is towards quality over quantity and the focus is on learning how to create and enjoy loving sex, not simply loving sex and just doing it.

One in eight Americans over 50 report still having sex five times a week. [read that again]

‘Sexploration’ should never end and as we women get into our forties and beyond we should become more sexually adventurous. We shouldn’t even wait until then – it’s a puzzle as to why so many of us do –  but as the saying goes, “It’s never too late.”

We’ve posted an article  from InsideHook by @Kay_Kibbe that just might spark your ‘getting-older-getting-wiser’ spirit to mark every birthday with a new gift of ‘sexperimentation’ and fulfillment. Plus, there’s a link in the article to Dr. Ruth who says, “There’s no age limit for sex.”

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