Netflix: “Principles of Pleasure” … must-watch!

If you want to “up” your sex pleasure this is a 3 episode binge-worthy series!

(1 min – trailer 1:22)

“Sex, joy and modern science converge in this eye-opening series that celebrates the complex world of women’s pleasure — and puts stubborn myths to rest.”

Movies in bed just got a helluva lot better – not just more interesting but mind opening, lust lifting, sexploringly better!

And like most things in life, if you want to be good at it – like outstanding, a master – then you need to learn the ‘what, when, where, why and how’ of the craft. This series covers just about all of it, including beautiful conversations with real, just-like-us women saying what we always wanted to say. Plus, numerous sexperts (you’re gonna love the sex toy woman, Dirty Lola), sex counsellors and doctors who tell you ‘everything you ever wanted to know about sex and forgot to ask.’ (Btw, there’s a great book of the same title written in the 1960s – and it’s as important today as back then).

What woman wouldn’t want her sex life to get better, be more comfortable, pleasurable, blissful, exquisite … fulfilling? This series is a wonderfully informed addition to your life’s sexual journey.

“The orgasm gap is wider than the wage gap.” – Dr. Lori Brotto

What better way to get intimate, communicate and learn more about sex than to curl up with your partner, or on your own, and watch this 3 part docuseries: Our bodies. Our mind. Our relationships. Guaranteed to spark conversation, understanding and … fascinating new ‘sexploration’ and ‘sexperimentation.’

Highly recommended [take notes]!

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