What’s your sex mindset?

It could be killing your sex life … and your relationships?

Anytime is a good time to rethink how your mindset impacts your sex life. Because it does. Significantly!

“Dump him … Fuck me once, shame on you; fuck me twice, shame on me.” – Samantha in Sex and the City

Apparently, Samantha said this to Carrie in a memorable episode of Sex and the City when Carrie mentioned that the first couple of sexual encounters with Jack Berger were … disappointing to say the least. This was Samantha’s advice.

Of course, that’s all fiction. But in real-life, the importance of understanding your sex mindset, and your partner’s, is critical to your sex life and to the long-term health and well-being of the relationship.

Here’s an excellent article from BBC, Great Sexpectations: How Your Mindset Shapes Your Love Life. Based on numerous studies it sets out the two types of mindsets couples have toward relationships: The “sexual growth mindset” and the “sexual destiny mindset.”

They are very different and have huge consequences in a relationship.

“These mindsets can dictate the ways people deal with problems in the bedroom, with huge consequences for the quality of their relationships.” – Jessica Maxwell, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Hint: If you’re into “sexual destiny mindset” rather than “sexual growth mindset” then you’re probably in for a lot more low libido, fake orgasms, pleasing-him, not you, and infidelity.

If you want to improve your “sexpectations” this is a must-read!

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