Office lust – and love – are inevitable!

We just have to learn how to “manage” them.

Office-mates often become bed-mates.

1/3 of employees started relationships with colleagues during the pandemic … who says Zoom doesn’t connect us?

Proximity – physical, emotional, intellectual – is a driving force in all of us and when combined with shared interests, problems, creativity, it can be a breeding ground for lust and love. It can be particularly alluring for those who are sapiosexual – attracted to someone who is highly intelligent.

75% of respondents to a study by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) said they were fine with work colleagues dating each other.

“Managing it, as opposed to pretending it doesn’t exist – or shouldn’t exist – is the better approach.” –  Johnny C Taylor Jr, CEO, SHRM.

When we understand the psychological and genetic factors in proximity attraction, we can better deal with it and today, more and more companies are addressing it with “love contracts.” Because office romance and sex can be complicated – from sexual harassment and scandals to affairs and, best of all, love and marriage.

The more we know the smarter we can be about how best to manage and balance our work, love and sex lives.

We’ve posted a perspicacious article, The inevitability of the office romance that will give you some insight into how to minimize the risks (unless that’s your turn on) and improve the outcomes of your ‘office interests.’

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