Want a full-body ‘brain crotch’ orgasm?

Learn how to touch your genital sensory, ‘brain crotch’ with your mind.

“Sex neurons that fire together, wire together.” – Dr. Nan Wise.

We all have sex on the brain but few of us know how to have a full-body orgasm by focusing on our ‘brain crotch’ – our genital sensory cortex that can be aroused by being mindful. By being in touch with, as Dr. Wise says, “the nerves that pick up the touch feeling in whatever place in the body, and send signals to the sensory cortex.”

We think all women should learn and practice getting in touch with their brain crotch.

We’ve post an article, The Genital Sensory Cortex Is the ‘Crotch of Your Brain’—Here’s How To Arouse It. It’s a good explanation and offers 3 ways to arouse your mind and have a full-body brain crotch orgasm – solo and partnered.

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