Are chairs great sex toys?

Can be if you know how … and are careful.

78% of Americans over 18 own at least one sex toy as of 2022, increased from 65% in 2017.

Better still, everybody owns some furniture and chairs can be great sex toys. If a room has a chair, it’s a sex playroom.

We’ve posted a new article from @insidehook by @kay_kibbe (Kayla is one of our fave sex writers), You Should Be Having More Chair Sex that tells you the pros and cons of how to have sex in, or on, or with, chairs. We also posted two other articles earlier that recommended the “19 best chairs to have sex in and how to ‘shop til ya drop’ for sex furniture.

We’re just trying to give you some new ideas for ‘redecorating’ your sex life. So sit up, read up and get some insight into how to use the sex toys that are all around the room, the office, the library … or during your next visit to a furniture warehouse.

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