Vagina beware: Spin class can create spin crotch

and that can make more than your legs sore!

If you’re lovin’ spin class but not the post-ride tingling in your pudendal nerve you need to know what’s going on down there.

“This overactivity in your pelvic floor can lead to symptoms that some people don’t understand are warning signs.” – Kate Roddy, pelvic phsiotherapist

Sex, your pelvic floor and spin class offer you great sexercise but if the bike seat and your riding position aren’t right you could suffer from spin crotch. And that’s something your sex life doesn’t want.

Here’s a quick article that tells you the basics. Because there can be long-term effects (ugh!) and if you have any symptoms you should check in with your OB/GYN.

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Beware ride crotch too

Make every ride and post-ride better – whether riding your bike, horse or sex partner. It’s really important!

We know a cowgirl from Colorado – “the hemp and cannabis capital of the world” – who knows a thing or two about “spin crotch” [out west it’s considered ‘saddle crotch’] and she knows the importance of pelvic and Kegel muscles and the pudendal nerve, and how important it is to take care of them – before, during and after a ride.

Our cowgirl, Tonya, who is riding across new frontiers and discovering the wonders of natural, planted-based CBD solutions in active women’s health and well-being – from sexual health, energy and appetite to every day aches, pains and stress.

Cowgirl Soss (sponsor) offers everything from Sex Soss (designed to make your sex ride hotter, longer, smoother, better) to Sore Soss and Soak Soss (to make your post-ride beautifully relaxed, easy and comfortable.

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