Earth Day: Celebrate its magnificence and …

honor our natural connection to both earth and sex.

“Ode to Earth and Sex.”

Earth Day is a wonderful day, not only to celebrate the need to contribute to the sustainability of our magnificent planet but also to be aware and conscious of our good fortune to be here on what Carl Sagan called, “the only home we’ve ever known.”

It’s a great day to be conscious of the splendor of life in all its forms. And, as a philosophical thought, and in line with our beliefs, we think our sex lives, especially women’s, need to become an even more wondrous and natural part of life on earth.

Consciousness of earth’s magnificence is connected to a consciousness of the magnificence of life and sex … you know, the part of us that is so natural and yet, like the earth, is too often neglected. Just as the earth depends on a healthy, sustainable environment, our well-being depends on a healthy, fulfilling sex life. Anything less is … well, to neglect our potential for fulfillment.

So, on Earth Day – and every day – let us celebrate and honor our deep connection to life on earth, and to our natural connection to the beauty and nature of sex. It is that magnificent!


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