Mastering cowgirl sex begins with …

mastering the cowgirl sex position.

Real cowgirls – and all women aspiring to be great lovers – know there’s more to the cowgirl sex position than just being along for the ride.

Like a cowgirl’s horse, her sex partner is very important to her. His sexual pleasure and well-being is her ultimate consideration (also read article on how the reverse cowgirl position can be dangerous to the penis – fracture it).

We’ve posted an article from Cosmo by @carinahsieh and @rachelvarina, How to Fully Master the Cowgirl Sex Position that gives 15 basic tips on how to make sure you have the ride of your sex life. Him too! Like all cowgirls, knowing the basics is important – before you get on the horse (your stud).

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Tip #2 – incorporate lube

Tip #2 is one of our faves – and most important. Using lube sounds logical but you’d be amazed how many women don’t. Given the fact that 40% of women do not create enough natural lubrication (see earlier post), this should be a must. And always go natural – as in natural, plant-based, high quality CBD products. If you want a lube that does much more than make it a smooth ride, you have to try Cowgirl Sex Soss (sponsor). We’re talking about arousal, wetness, heat, smell, sounds and … ecstasy. Sex Soss brings a whole new meaning to a “wild ride.”

And what woman, cowgirl or not, doesn’t want an unforgettable ride?

Sex Soss stimulates blood flow, boosts sensitivity and relaxes the muscles of the vaginal lining. So if you want to master the cowgirl position and ‘sexperience’ the sexual ride of … maybe your life, try Sex Soss. It makes a difference!

Browse the Cowgirl Soss online shop (they also have great products for any pre-sex stress and post-ride soreness).

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