Clitoris: Worshipping the pearl with cunnilingus …

How to give divine cunnilingus to the pearl of sexual pleasure.

Like an oyster becomes a pearl so too can cunnilingus become a divine act of pleasure. You need only know how! And if he doesn’t, you can guide your loving angel, your god of love, your master of pleasure. If he learns how to “worship the pearl.”

“Building a fire that can become an inferno, an explosion, or a fire that you can keep burning.”

Surprise … it’s not about “hard and fast,” it’s about energy and focus and long lingering “pauses.”

We’ve posted a wonderful article by @jontisearll (a guy) in @elephantjournal, “Worship the Pearl”: How to Give Pleasurable, Divine Cunnilingus. This guy (he’s a sexpert) knows a thing or two about how to worship a woman’s “pearl of pleasure.

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