Couples who masturbate together, stay together!

Masturbation should be a liberal sexual pleasure policy, not a secret.

“Mutual, random, shared masturbation beats having to tell your significant other you’re horny.”

Like most successful endeavors, sexual pleasure comes from an open policy and a good plan. And at the top of the list should be mutually figuring out how to have a policy of mutual masturbation.

Here’ a great article from @insidehook by @MichaelRStahl that just might bring masturbation out of the dark and into the light of day and the sunshine of warm, sharing love. Not too mention the red hot sex from each of you having the “green light” on masturbating whenever you want and wherever you are. One important tip is to be aware of, and respectful of, the “refractory period.” Learn about it and so much more. This five minute read could open up a lifetime of new sexual pleasure.

Most people hide masturbation and that does nothing but keep your sexual pleasure from being truly fulfilled.

“[She] just stands up, drops her panties, and starts going to town.”

“It doesn’t matter if one of them is in the middle of work or cooking a meal.”

Talk about sexual freedom and liberating foreplay, this is it!

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