Men fake orgasms too  – and surprise …

that can be a good thing!

28% of young, virile men have faked an orgasm

We all know how much women fake orgasms (about 2/3) – too much – but we know very little about men faking. But they do. More than we realize.

Whaaaat? Yep!  And this can be a good thing!

There is not a lot of research on men and faking it because we are so focused on the “orgasm gap” – as we should be – but the fact that nearly 1/3 (28%) of young male college students said they “pretended at least once” is revealing.

First, let’s be clear, there is nothing wrong with faking and orgasm. It’s not talking about faking that is the crime. And the cover up is worse than the crime. There are a myriad of reasons a woman or a man can’t orgasm in any given sexual encounter – all valid (stress, pain, discomfort, distraction, disinterest, fatigue, etc. etc.), and once we understand and accept this real-life fact, then we can get on with solving the problem. Talking about it. Openly. Honestly.

That’s the sliver lining in the non-orgasm encounter. It’s an opportunity to have deep, meaningful discussions. And the fact that he too has to fake sometimes actually make those conversations much easier to have. You are both in the ‘same boat.’ And it’s a lifeboat, a chance to save your sexual well-being and incorporate faking into your sex life.

We’ve posted an article from Psychology Today by Michael Castleman, Men Fake Orgasms, Too. It has some illuminating statistics, which can be great conversation starters. It takes less time to read it than all the time wasted faking orgasms (both of you) – and you can learn more from it.

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