The penis alone is not enough …

knowing orgasmic positions and having a special vibrator are musts!

Only 31% of women orgasm from penetration alone.

This one statistic is perhaps the most important in every woman’s sex life – unless she owns one of those magical, super-sensitive, well-lubricated, multi-orgasmic vaginas.

For all the rest, there are at least two things that are must-haves:

  1. Knowledge of special positions
  2. A special vibrator

We’ve posted an article that tells you what you need to know, everything from the “Gone in 60 seconds” position to the “crouching tiger.” And it’s critical to know which vibrator in what position – on the perineum or under the penis or …?  Great illustrations add to the helpful instructions.

11 Orgasmic Sex Positions That Are Even Better With Vibrators is from Cosmo by Jill Hamilton and her blog, In Bed With Married Women.

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A third must-have

Don’t forget the lube.

The right lube not only makes things easier, smoother and more comfortable, it can have a whole lot to do with arousal, excitement and bigger, better orgasms. And we reco you go all-natural. Use CBD infused lubricants like our fave, Cowgirl Sex Soss (sponsor). Sex Soss is from the “hemp and cannabis capital of the world,” Colorado, USA, and is a hand-crafted, plant-based, award-winning CBD product that should be in every woman’s nightstand or hand bag.

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