Can a relationship survive no sex?

It’s negotiable!

If two First Ladies and two Presidents can negotiate a loving, no-sex relationship then there has to be hope for all the other long-term relationships facing the “doom” of no sex.

“Right up there with food and water, sex is a basic human need and one that certainly doesn’t disappear with age.”

We know that Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt had a mutually agreed, somewhat convoluted extramarital agreement – detailed in Hazel Rowley’s biography, Franklin and Eleanor: An Extraordinary Marriageand it would seem Bill and Hilary arrived at an arrangement in what appears as the ultimate, satisfying power couple relationship.

Sexual enjoyment is a “right.”

When long-term partners don’t agree on how often to have — or not to have — sex, it does not have to spell doom. No one need suffer in silence, no one is alone (many face the problem as we age) and there is lots of help.

Here’s an excellent article from @everythingzoomer by Leanne Delap, No Sex Ever – Can a Relationship Survive. It’s a great conversation starter – which is crucial  – and sets out options from cheating and prostitution to open marriage and polyamory relationships.

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