How much do penis “girl inches” matter?

Maybe no more than “vagina inches?”

Why do women overestimate penis size?

The internet is overflowing with information, facts and factoids on penis size and one phenomenon is called “girl inches.” This refers to women overestimating the size of penises – by, on average, a couple of inches.

“Tens of thousands of penises have been measured and we know the average.” – author, The Big Dick Guide

We’ve posted an informative article from @insidehook by @MichaelRStahl, The Truth About “Girl Inches”: Why Women Overestimate Penis Size.

Also see our earlier article, The truth and a few facts will set you free, on research confirming this “girl inches” misunderstanding. It has all the numbers and why women prefer ‘larger’ on one-night stands and ‘average’ for long-term relationships.

“Both men and women would be better off if they were more informed about penis sizes. Women wouldn’t go around believing that a man needs to have10 inches to satisfy them sexually and men wouldn’t feel shitty.” [about whatever size they have].

Maybe penis-size estimates and preferences have as much to do about vagina size as penis size? Besides, when only 1/3 of women orgasm from penetration, we’re over-worrying size and under-appreciating talent and knowledge in loving-sex?

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