His penis will love a Lingam massage

If you don’t know what it is, learn. If you haven’t given one, learn how!

Earlier this week we created a post about giving great hand jobs and it prompted one of our followers to suggest a Lingam massage. Of course … so here it is.

Lingam is the Sanskirt word for penis … ‘wand of light.’ It honors the penis and those who have them.

It’s part of Tantric sex and it just might be the most sensuous, loving way of honoring a man with an exquisite ‘hand job.’ Very few women know how to give a man a Lingam massage.

So we’ve posted an article from @mindbodygreen by @psalmisadora [tantra coach]: How to Give Tantric Lingam Massage (the Multiple-Orgasm Technique for Men). Plus, embedded below is a must-watch vimeo of Leán Bakker showing the beautiful and erotic way to ‘handle the penis.” She has 10 videos – all worth watching and learning.

Meet Leán Bakker

Leán is 51 year old women, professional dancer and sexuality tantra coach living in Cape Town, South Africa. She has a practice in which she gives Lingam/penis massages to male clients.

“Many women have never learnt the finer nuances of engaging with their man’s penis.”

In this video (9 min) you will experience one of the most romantic, sensitive, sexy, erotic ways of ‘loving’ the penis. What man would  not want to spend nine minutes with this woman – or nine hours?

“Bring curiosity and wonder into your exploration … and meet him exactly as he is.”

“Create a space where the man can become fully present in his penis with body, heart and soul.”

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There are 10 beautiful videos at Leán’s site >>

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