Yoga sex isn’t this hard and …

there are 5 positions that can give your sex life a real boost! [this isn’t one of them – maybe for cunnilingus?]

Certain poses can strengthen muscles and improve flexibility in ways that are particularly useful for better sex.

Just take a quick look at these photos – the Bridge, the Cat/Cow, the Prasarita. Even if you’ve never tried yoga, these should come naturally to most of us.

From @iamwellandgood, Five poses, 2 minutes and years of better sex!

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Also, check out our earlier article, Upward Facing Dog on yoga sex (same page)

“One small study found a link between yoga and sex in women, particularly those over 45. After a 12-week yoga program 75% of them showed improvement in levels of desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm, and sexual satisfaction, plus a reduction of sexual pain.”

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