What’s your favorite sex toy?

Here are six favorites tested by a professional sex writer (she’s tested dozens).

40% of Americans over 18 have spent over $100 on sex toys in the last 12 months. – BedBible.com

But before you spend you might want to hear what some of the experts have to recommend.

“I showed my mom that I’d gotten this sex toy, she immediately asked if I could get her one, too.” – Natalie Arroyo Camacho

We’ve posted an article in @iamwellandgood by @personatalieeee (Natalie Arroyo Camacho) that has her tried and true recommendations for six must-haves.

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A sex toy’s best companion

Make sure your sex toy saddles up with an all-natural, handcrafted CBD infused sex lubricant. And if you want the best ride of your sex life, we’ve got the one of the best riding companions for you. Cowgirl Sex Soss, created in “the hemp and cannabis capital of the world,” Colorado, USA.

Almost all rides that lead to sexual ecstasy pack two essentials: A favorite sex toy and a CBD lube.

Check out Cowgirl Soss (sponsor) and if you have any questions about CBD and sex just talk with them. You can ask them anything!

Visit their website, ask questions and if you buy something you can get 20% off your first order (code: SEX20).

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