No … yes … yes … no! Consent and the …

liberated woman doesn’t mean your sexually liberated.

Good interview. Great book. A must-read!

“Modern heterosexual dating culture appears to be an emotional meat grinder whose miseries and degradations can’t be solved by ever more elaborate rituals of consent.”

WTF is wrong?

Are we too early in Darwin’s evolutionary journey to expect genetic changes that would truly “liberate” women? It’s not likely. So we women must constantly fight to develop protections and empowerment. It’s a lifelong battle, particularly in our sex lives. But it can be a ‘win-win’ if we learn how! We must become sexual autodidacts. And this book makes a great contribution.

“Liberated sex in modern times has not liberated women and today women’s sex lives are often more miserable than they ever were.”

“Are you entitled to one-night stands but not to kindness?”

We’ve posted an interview with author Christine Emba about her new book, Rethinking Sex: A Provocation. The interview by Jeva Lange in This Week is titled, Yes means yes, but it doesn’t mean good sex.

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