Edible underwear for STI protection …

FDA-approved vanilla flavored underwear may be a tasty, safe solution!

“Oral sex is not totally risk-free” [from STI] – Dr. Jeanne Marrazzo

The FDA recently cleared a vanilla flavored, stretchy, ultra-thin underwear for safe STI-protected oral sex. The New York Times called it, “a first for underwear.”

Here’s a quick article from @insidehook by one of our fave sex writers @Kay_Kibbe, Is Flavored Underwear the Key to Safer Oral Sex? It’s worth a read to decide if this single-use underwear is worth a try. If you are at all worried about STI during oral sex this just might be your solution.

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Speaking of taste in sex

Wine connoisseurs and sex connoisseurs have a lot in common, not the least of which is the exploration of tastes. All the senses are involved. For them, the joy is as much in the journey as the destination. Because in great sex the journey is more important than the destination.

One thing a connoisseur of loving sex should not do is start the journey without a CBD lube that’s designed for all the sexual senses – for all the journey.

Taste, smell, sound, touch and sight.

The arousal is a sight to behold. The wetness the sound of music. The smell the spice of sexuality. The taste the succulence of cunnilingus.

If you’re a sex connoisseur – or would like to be – Cowgirl Sex Soss (sponsor) just might change your taste in sex … forever.

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