In free-use sex fetish you’re free to …

get it wherever and whenever ya’ want it!

“There’s no flirting, no foreplay, no having to deal with the awkwardness of the do-you-want-to-have-sex dance that people do. It’s just there.”

In free-use sex partners can have sex with each other whenever they want, no holds barred. The free-use is a fully-consensual and partners are allowed to sexually “use” each other at any time. It depends on interests and boundaries, which should be set as part of a healthy, sexual relationship.

Doggie in the kitchen, blowjob in the morning, hand job at the office, it’s always there. Your partner is a “consensual object” rather than an “eager partner.” And both are fine – intimately giving – with that.

It’s typically “willing women” and “horny men,” but occurs in relationships between people of all genders and sexuality.

Insightful article from @wearemel by @isabellekohn, Anytime, Anywhere: The Growing Appeal of the Free-Use Fetish.

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