Everybody’s traveling to Colorado …

to fully enjoy the “dawn of weed tourism” – pets too!

“50% of all Millennials said that access to legal recreational cannabis was important when choosing a vacation destination and 43% said they’ve already chosen destinations because cannabis was legal there.” – Forbes

Colorado is considered “the hemp and cannabis capital of the world” and being the first state in the USA (since 2012) to legally provide marijuana for recreational, health and medical use, its capital, Denver, is truly living up to its name as the “Mile-High City.”

Weed tourism is already $17 billion industry and Colorado is setting the pace on this exciting new frontier. And a big part of the cannabis-centric business is the use of THC-free CBD for health and wellness. From stress and insomnia to soreness and sex, naturally, hand-crafted CBD is in high demand (no pun intended because you can’t get high on CBD).

Pets love it

CBD helps dogs with stress, separation anxiety and pain from aging or injury. It is safe and effective way to avoid using expensive and harmful drugs on your pets.

We have found a Colorado cowgirl who is not only a cowgirl but a dog lover and entrepreneur who is dedicated to the health and well-being of dogs – and, of course, people. She has built a Colorado-based CBD business, Cowgirl Soss™ (sponsor) that is a plant-based health and wellness company committed to helping serve the millions of women and men, and their pets, who can benefit from the natural wonders of CBD.

“We want everyone to benefit from this marvelous natural, organic source, to look, feel, and live better, including our furry friends.” – Tonya Laden, Co-founder Cowgirl Soss™

Learn much more about CBD. Visit the Cowgirl Soss website where they are embracing the new frontier of living a more natural, active and healthy lifestyle. Curious about CBD? Want to know more? You can ask them anything!

Browse and learn. And if you decide to buy any of their products from Dog Soss, Sore Soss, Sleep Soss to Sex Soss, you get 20% off your first order (code: SEX20)

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