Sex, sex, sex – it’s trending …

more likes, more engagement, more followers, more menstrubation!

Here is what’s trending in sex in 2022 and what to get excited about. From menstrubation (self-pleasure during period), adaptive sex, supplements (including CBD lube) to sex wearables and remote controlled sex toys.

Jump on the trends. Or at least read this excellent article @greatist by @morganmandriota and Lianna Bass, 10 Sexual Health and Wellness Trends to Get *Excited* About in 2022.

Couple of trends you should know:

Among adults ages 60 to 75, between 41 to 65 percent of men and 27 to 40 percent of women reported masturbating during the previous month.

“People are thinking about their sexual health more,” says Marla Renee Stewart and “Vitamins that cater to our sexual needs are going to be important.”

Self-pleasure to relieve PMS symptoms (Check out the Menstrubation Study to learn more).

Remote-controlled sex toy use increased by 45 percent during the pandemic, going from just over 9 percent of adults to nearly 14 percent.

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” Ain’t no shame in the lube game! CBD lubes are a great way to keep things relaxed and wet during nooky.”

In 2022, CBD is one of the fastest growing trends and we know a couple who know a lot about it.

Tonya and Paul hail from the Rocky Mountain state of Colorado, often called “the hemp and cannabis capital of the world,” and they love and know it well. It’s where they’re building a very successful company dedicated to natural health and wellness. They call it Cowgirl Soss™

On the new frontier of CBD and cannabis, Tonya and Paul have created a full range of products offering the natural health benefits of CBD for many of our daily aches and pains and inconveniences. From sleep and stress to soreness and sex, they know a-thing-or-two about CBD and are dedicated to helping and sharing what they have discovered.

“We want everyone to understand and experience the wonderful benefits of CBD and help in every way we can.” – Tonya

Check out their website, read the many benefits of CBD and the stories of people’s amazing experiences – including Maverick the 130 lb Bernese Mountain dog. Don’t miss reading about our fave, Sex Soss >>  And use their ‘Chat’ messaging to ask them anything.

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