Men can’t find the clitoris because they don’t want to …

and that separates sex from loving-sex. And the good men from boys!

“Men are fucking dumb and don’t know what they’re doing with women’s bodies.”

It’s true. They are homo stupidus. Like immature little boys playing with an exquisitely rare orchid and having no idea what magnificent beauty they behold.

Far too many men are so dumb about a woman’s anatomy that they’re not even embarrassed when their stupidity is exposed to millions on TikTok.

Asking men to locate basic female body parts like the clitoris and vagina (yep, the vagina) demonstrates how the threat of shame and embarrassment isn’t enough to make them care.

In TikTok ‘research’ the truth was painfully obvious. Men don’t know, don’t care and have no shame. Here’s a call-it-like-it-is article from @wearemel [Mel magazine], It’s No Longer Sex Ed’s Fault Men Can’t Find the Clit — It’s Theirs.

Enough! Girls, this is on us. Either they step up and learn or we should get rid of the dunce – he has no idea what sex is, let alone loving-sex or love.

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