Learn the magic of sex & CBD – from the horse’s mouth …

Get the straight goods – from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

Okay, okay … the horse doesn’t know anything about CBD (sex she knows), but we know a cowgirl and cowboy who know a helluva lot about CBD and cannabis. And if you want to hear the straight goods on CBD, ‘from the horse’s mouth,’ you just might want to talk with them. You can ask them anything!

Welcome to the exciting new frontier of sex and CBD

Tonya and Paul of Cowgirl Soss™ are smack-dab in the middle of the burgeoning CBD business, they’re on the leading edge of the new health and wellness frontier where CBD is proving to be a trusted companion for millions of people. It’s a natural, healing balm for everything from inflammation, insomnia and stress to energy, soreness and sex.

We’ve posted a very informative article about what science is showing about CBD, Could CBD Perk Up Your Sex Life? Here’s What the Science Says. It was written a couple years ago but it offers a good ‘catch up’ on the basics and then you can explore more of up-to-date information from experts like Tonya and Paul.

Cowgirl Soss – their passion – is based in Colorado, “the hemp and cannabis capital of the world,” and they are helping the millions of people who are discovering the wonderful, natural benefits of CBD. And they’re sharing it with the world on their website – read how CBD can help you, how your endocannabinoid system suppresses pain, how it can help you lose weight (check it out), and how it can help with your period and post-menopause sex. Of course, our fave, is how it can improve and change your sex life for the better … forever.

Curious? Not sure?

Cowgirl Soss is a great place – in the heart of cannabis country – where you can explore and ask questions. Ask them anything! And check out the amazing story of Maverick, a 130 lb Bernese Mountain dog. CBD is now his best friend!

Visit Cowgirl Soss >> [code: SEX20 gets you 20% off your first order].

Read article: Could CBD Perk Up Your Sex Life? Here’s What the Science Says (7 min) >>


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