Road head is no joke …

it’s an accident about to happen … to cum. And quite unsatisfying.

Just because Leonardo Di Caprio gets road head in a Ferrari in the opening of The Wolf of Wall Street, doesn’t mean it’s any good (they use stunt people in movies, ya’ know). More importantly, it’s fuckin’ dangerous. An accident waiting to happen … to cum!

In sex too many things are taboo and somethings are simply stupid! The infamous ‘road head’ is one of the stupider ones.

There are no statistics on how many car accidents have been the result of road head but there are lots of stats on how it’s usually somewhere between unsatisfying and bad – for both getter and giver.

Here’s an article from @insidehook by @Kay_Kibbe with a few handy tips and insights that you might want to read before you go down on someone at 60-70 miles an hour. Instead, if it’s in Leonardo’s Ferrari, enjoy the ride and pull off the rode when it’s time to get him off.

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