Wanna be sexier? Forget the eyes …

get acupuncture for your ‘taint’ – your perineum!

“They don’t call it your ‘taint’ for nothing — it’s called the taint because t’ain’t your genitals and t’aint your anus.”

Your perineum, both female and male, can be a fascinating erogenous zone that can bring a whole new arousal to your sex life. It’s largely unknown, overly taboo and a forgotten source of sexual pleasure.

And acupuncture can be a ‘magical means’ of awakening this too often forbidden place – right between your vagina and anus and connected to your Kegels. And if you’re experiencing any sexual dysfunction, it can help. And it can be a big help in controlling ejaculation, even preventing it. Learning how to stimulate your taint can have a triple arousal effect.

We’ve posted an article from MEL that covers all you need to know about how to stimulate your taint with acupuncture.

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