Listen to your vulva she knows …

if he’s not right for you.

“She slept with multiple new partners, none of whom elicited the same painful reaction Nick did.”

It can be true. A woman’s vulva, vagina, clit and other pleasure-parts can sense that something is off, often before the person realizes it herself. “There’s intelligence in the body” says Tami Kent a holistic women’s physical therapist.

There can be an innate, inexplicable biological incompatibility between partners that makes sex hard and we should pay attention and have important conversations when our beautiful, sensitive ‘privates’ are not   physically happy and well.

“Many vaginas and vulvas send out distress signals in the form of pain, dryness, a lack of sensation, sudden allergies and recurrent infections when the person they belong to is with a partner who isn’t healthy for them.”

We’ve posted a fascinating article from @wearmel by Isabelle Kohn, Does Your Lady’s Vagina Know You’re Not Right for Her? A must-read!

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The “Right Stuff” and “The Right Soss”

Two “rights” make for one helluva right sex life – from one-nighters to one lifelong partnership.

Of course, the right partner who is the right stuff is absolutely necessary. And if you haven’t found ‘mister right stuff’ yet, don’t stop looking. Don’t settle for less. As many declare, the second time around is better, so dumping the ‘wrong stuff’ can be a good thing.

And the other right should be the right sex lubricant. And if it’s not organic, natural and beautifully arousing then it’s not the right stuff – the right soss.

Check out our highly recommended Sex Soss form Cowgirl Soss. As the article above recommends, if you’re listening to your vulva, she just might tell you a great sex story if you introduce her to Cowgirl Sex Soss. Check it out – for her!

Visit the Cowgirl Soss website, peruse the articles and wealth of information. And if you got questions, you can ask them anything >>

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