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July 13, 2022: Post-Roe v. Wade, do we really know WTF ‘getting pregnant’ means? 😱 In many ways, it has fucked up our fucking life (a.k.a. sex life). Here’s a short quiz 🤔 in the New York Times that tests your knowledge and understanding of “reproductive health” – the “other” part of fucking that we don’t pay enough attention to. 👉🏼  Not improving your knowledge of sex is like not wearing a life jacket when you’re going for a ride in an exciting speedboat and don’t know how the fuck to swim.🙏🏽 Take the test (14 questions) >>

July 07/22: Men pay attention❗️ Anal sex is more than “dick-in-hole-penetration.” Researchers at Indiana University found the keys to what women want in good anal sex: 🙌🏼 40% preferred “Anal Surfing.” 👌🏽 35% preferred “Anal Shallowing.” 🙏🏽 40% preferred “Anal Pairing.” Read more >>

June 23/22: 🙌🏾 There is an intelligence in vaginas and vulvas and they send out distress signals in the form of pain, dryness, a lack of sensation, sudden allergies and recurrent infections when the person they belong to is with a partner who isn’t healthy for them. 👏🏼 The vagina just might have the ability to forecast partner compatibility. Listen to your vulva❣️ Read more >>

May 25, 2022: Scientists believe that humans have as many as 53 senses,👏🏽 not just the original ‘Five Senses” as defined by Aristotle. Thermoception (heat), Nociception (pain), Proprioception (body awareness) and chemical senses (thirst) are just a few that we should ‘sexplore’ in our sex lives 😍 Read two articles (the first on sex and the 5 senses, which has link to second on 53 senses) >>

May 18, 2022: Study found link between yoga and sex in women, particularly those over 45. 🥰 After a 12-week yoga program, 75% showed improvement in levels of desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm, sexual satisfaction, plus a reduction of sexual pain.” ❣️Read two yoga-sex posts >>

May 11, 2022: The average penis in “girl inches” is 7 inches. It’s wrong.❌ Off by more than an inch. The average size is between 5.6 and 6 inches. The misperception of “girl inches” for penis size is widespread among those who don’t have penises and can be problematic for both women and men.😨 Sexual pleasure depends on better understanding, especially since only 1/3 of women orgasm from penetration. And vagina size can also have a lot to do with sexual pleasure👌🏽 Read more >>

April 29/22: This week, in keeping with turning common taboos into wonderful new ‘sexplorations,’ we’ve posted an article on the wonders of mutual masturbation. Plus, a few numbers that might encourage more mutual use of sex toys. 😍 39% of women prefer to use sex toys alone rather than with a partner. 🥰 Women have tried using sex toys more often during solo sex (53%) compared to men (37%). 😘 72% of women with some sex toy experience regularly use sex toys during solo sex. Deep intimacy comes from ‘doing it’ together. More at Bedbible >>

April 13/22: Potency of our sexual imagination 🥰: “Orgasms can be generated by the imagination in the absence physical stimulation.” [read that again]. A research study: Activation of sensory cortex by imagined genital stimulation found that, “Imagined self-stimulation of the clitoris and nipple resulted in greater activation of the frontal pole and orbital frontal cortex compared to tactile self-stimulation of these two bodily regions.” Plus, “Imagining dildo stimulation generated extensive brain activation in the genital sensory cortex.” Imagine that❣️ We’ve posted an article if you’re interested in “full-body ‘brain crotch’ orgasms.” 🙌🏼

Apr. 05/22: This 9-minute video will help you learn how to give the most incredible hand job, ever. 😍 Learn how to give a Lingam massage (Lingam is Sanskrit for penis, the ‘wand of light’). Tantra coach, Leán Bakker offers an exquisite and erotic demonstration of how to truly honor the penis. It’s 9 minutes that just might change your sexual relationship with the penis, forever❣️ Must-watch (she also has 9 other videos).

Mar. 31/22: Netflix’s GREAT new docuseries, The Principles of Pleasure is must-watch TV. If you want to “up” your sexual pleasure [maybe some people don’t 🤪] then this 3-episode, binge-worthy docuseries is … well, maybe the best conversation starting, bedtime viewing option that you’ve engaged in for quite some time. This series could dramatically change the real-life statistic that 46% of women would rather get a good-night’s sleep than have sex. 🙏🏽 Watch trailer (1:22)

Mar. 30/22: Jada Pinkett Smith admits to having a threesome. That doesn’t have to be a problem but a “one penis policy” in threesomes can be a problem for women. 20% of Americans have been in, or are interested in trying, some form of non-monogamy and the numbers are rising. Dating app, Feeld  (aka: “Tinder for threesomes”) has seen a 400% increase in searches among women, 500% among men. Almost 25% of Americans are more interested in having a threesome than before the pandemic. Read more on “one penis policy” >>

Mar. 21/22: There are more than 20 penis sizes and shapes and no such thing as a bad shape or size — just bad information on how to use it. It’s the ‘how-to’ that matters. Learn how-to work with different shapes and sizes in this article (7 min). Better still, learn how-to honor and erotically love the penis through Lingam massage (Lingam is Sanskirt for penis, ‘wand of light’). Watch tantra sex video (9 min): “How to handle the penis.”

Mar. 15/22: Are you scaring him away? Top reasons he loses interest: 1) You’re too needy. 2) You’re using him to fill a hole in your life. 3) You’re an emotional tornado. 4) You’re an insecure woman. BTW, the ideal praise-to-criticism ratio in a relationship is 5 to 1 (five positive comments for every negative one). For people who end up divorced the ratio is 0.77 to 1 (three positive comments for every four negative ones). Read book review (2 min), watch video (9 min) >>

Mar. 11/22: 43% of millennials say their ideal relationship would be non-monogamous [read that again]. 30% of Gen X said the same. 20% of respondents in the study engaged in consensually non-monogamous relationship. As Bob Dylan once said, “The Times They Are A-Changin’.” How to Explore Ethical Non-monogamy? Read more at Psyche (19 min) >>

Mar. 7/22: A woman takes on average 13.46 minutes to reach orgasm. In the study, times ranged from 12.76 minutes to 14.06 minutes and 20% of the women reported never reaching orgasm. Read article in Red (2 min) >>

Mar 4/22: 60% of betrayed men find out their partner is having an affair. [Be careful ladies]. 40% of betrayed women find out [Guess men are better at hiding affairs]. Learn more: Read book review of, The State of Affairs: Rethinking Infidelity, by Esther Perel.

Mar 2/22: Almost all Americans who took the survey for the book Tell Me What You Want (97%), reported having sexual fantasies—and most reported having them frequently. The vast majority said they fantasize somewhere between several times per week and several times per day. See book review >>

Mar 1/22: Two key findings from a four decade study of 30,000 Americans shows: 1) “For people in relationships, sexual frequency is no longer significantly associated with well-being at a frequency greater than once a week.” 2) “Sex may be more strongly associated with happiness than is money.” Read article at EVERYTHINGZOOMER.COM (1 min) >>

Feb 28/22: Did you know that audio sex stories arouse all of your senses in a way that pornographic videos can’t. >>

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