Astrology and sex can be a Titanic disaster

“What’s your sign?” might be a good pick up line but that’s about all it is!

“Fact: Leos Are Amazing in Bed.” – Cosmo article (see post)

In the scene from the movie Titanic, Kate Winslet’s Leo might have provided steamy sex but it’s no indication of a lifetime of great sex (BTW, if you care, Leo DiCaprio is a Scorpio).

Astrology and sex do not make good bed partners, at least not for long. This article from Cosmo clarifies why “signs” may be great for one-night stands but in terms of a long-term sex and love life, forget it.

The article claims Leo is a “dynamic fire sign that offers nothing short of unforgettable experiences.” Bullshit. It’s oversimplification of the wonders of sex.

Every sign is a two-sided coin. What ya’ get on one side ain’t the same as the other. Leos are into performance, foreplay, ‘giving’ and being a mister-nice-guy because they’re needy and will do anything to be consider a nice guy. And after the sex, the need “of being wanted” continues and brings significant demands into a relationship. Of course, they can be balanced and worked out but it’s a good idea to be aware of them before you go past date two or three. [Full disclosure, my partner is a Leo – been together a wonderfully long time and the sex is magnificent. But I’ve known other Leos and … no thanks!]

Know what you’re getting into. ‘Signs’ are not very good sex signs and to apply them to the mysteries and magic of sex is … well, superficial at best, or worse, disastrous, as in Titanic proportions.

If he’s a Leo, consider a one-nighter. And then do a lot of character probing before going too far down the yellow brick road of love.

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