Hey guys! Anal ain’t all about you and your dick

The menu has changed and there’s 3 new, anal appetizers  – for women!

In this 2 min read, you can get past – maybe – all the down and dirty of anal sex. Let’s face it, it’s no fun facing anal when it’s all about “dick-in-hole penetration.”

“Anal sex is loved by straight men and at best endured by their female partners.” – Kayla Kibbe

It doesn’t have to be if you both learn and sexplore these three new ‘servings’ on the anal menu: “Anal Surfing.” “Anal Shallowing.” “Anal Pairing.”

Here’s a quickie (2 minutes) from @insidehook by one of our fave sex writers, @Kay_Kibbe,  This Is the Key to Good Anal Sex, According to Researchers.

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Important tip

If you’re into anal then don’t be letting anyone “in” without a natural CBD lubricant. The added comfort and arousal is a women’s best friend – and his. A sex lube can get you past the “one-and-done” with anal and greatly enhance your ‘sexperimentation.’

If you’re going to try the ride, we recommend you visit the website of Cowgirl Soss and check out Sex Soss. A most wonderful companion on any sex ride from reverse cowgirl to anal – and oral. Cowgirl Soss is from Colorado, USA, the “hemp and cannabis capital of the world” and the home Cowgirl Soss. They know a thing-or-two about CBD and sex.

You ask them anything you want about the wonderful benefits of CBD and sex.

One benefit: You get 20% off your first order (code: SEX20).

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