“Frottage sex” – no penetration, lots of pleasure. Don’t say no until …

You know how hot it can be!

Frottage: From the French word frott, which means “rub” it’s fun to say and fun to do.

Sure, we all did a fair share of rubbing as teens – bumping and grinding while not knowing fuck all about sex. But it’s all we knew. Fast-forward into adulthood where we should know a little more about sex (or not) and frottage is about having non-penetrative sex. Since only 1/3 of women orgasm from penetration, the other 2/3 could certainly benefit from learning “frottage sex.”

Clothes on or off, this is a sex practice that is a great way to explore each others sexuality and intimacy, and truly get to “know” your partner’s erogenous zones – without ever having to have penis in vagina. It can be beautifully slow, deliberate, arousing and intriguing journey to blissful orgasms. And no painful “slam-bam-thank-you-ma’am.”

Here’s an article from Well + Good by Gabrielle Kassel to introduce you to the concept (3 min), 5 Ways Non-Penetrative ‘Frottage’ Sex Can Supply You With All the Pleasure You Could Ever Want.


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