Hot, hotter, hottest … less, less pain

Heat can diminish sexual pain and improve pleasure – a lot!

Here are six ways you can heat up your sexual experiences – with heat. Some you know, some are unique. They all can make sex so much more pleasurable.

Add a little CBD lubricant and the smokin’ hot sex just might set your desire on fire!

“Vagina Fire Bomb”

We know a cowgirl who knows a thing or two about lighting a fire to women’s sexual desire and she has a natural, CBD infused oil that she calls, a “vagina fire bomb.”

Cowgirl Sex Soss is a three-in-one lubricant that arouses, wets and relaxes you – from foreplay and oral sex to penetration and afterflow. In this article from wellandgood, 6 Ways To Use Heat To Banish Painful Sex and Make Pleasure…Hotter, CBD lubricant is recommended (#6).

We recommend you check out the award-winning Cowgirl Sex Soss from the “hemp and cannabis capital of the world,” Colorado, USA. It just might be the most natural way of heating up your sexual pleasure. And you can get 20% off your first order (code SEX20) >>

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