What are the three biggest sex problems?

1) Ego 2) Dishonesty 3) Lack of effort

Research: 85% of men think their female partner climaxed; only 64% of women did.

Half of women fake orgasms so “his feelings are not hurt” (or to end the sexual encounter).

89% of women orgasm if they experience 5 sexual acts in one encounter

The numbers don’t lie

Men’s sex egos are fragile. Women are dishonest about orgasms. Neither make enough loving, sexual effort to ensure each others pleasure.

Sex is too often a egotistical, lying, boring encounter … no wonder almost half of all women are dissatisfied and sexually unfulfilled. And since, worldwide, there are over 120 million acts of sexual intercourse, every day, that means almost 50 million women are dissatisfied, every day.

Here’s a brief article by  fivethirtyeight with some “scary,” truthful numbers on the “orgasm gap.”

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