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What are the three biggest sex problems?

1) Ego 2) Dishonesty 3) Lack of effort Research: 85% of men think their female partner climaxed; only 64% of women did. Half of women fake orgasms so “his feelings are not hurt” (or to end the sexual encounter). 89% of women orgasm if they experience 5 sexual acts in one encounter The numbers don’t […]

Hot, hotter, hottest … less, less pain

Heat can diminish sexual pain and improve pleasure – a lot! Here are six ways you can heat up your sexual experiences – with heat. Some you know, some are unique. They all can make sex so much more pleasurable. Add a little CBD lubricant and the smokin’ hot sex just might set your desire […]

Do we really know WTF ‘getting pregnant’ means?

Post-Roe changes pregnancy risks. Take this quiz, discover WTF you don’t know. The loss of Roe v. Wade isn’t just about abortion, it’s about everything we do before and after we fuck, and can’t get an abortion. In many ways, it has fucked up our fucking life (a.k.a. sex life). Here’s a short quiz in […]

Hey guys! Anal ain’t all about you and your dick

The menu has changed and there’s 3 new, anal appetizers  – for women! In this 2 min read, you can get past – maybe – all the down and dirty of anal sex. Let’s face it, it’s no fun facing anal when it’s all about “dick-in-hole penetration.” “Anal sex is loved by straight men and […]

Astrology and sex can be a Titanic disaster

“What’s your sign?” might be a good pick up line but that’s about all it is! “Fact: Leos Are Amazing in Bed.” – Cosmo article (see post) In the scene from the movie Titanic, Kate Winslet’s Leo might have provided steamy sex but it’s no indication of a lifetime of great sex (BTW, if you […]


So much to know so little time!   Archives: Welcome to the archives of SEXNEWS in BRIEF July 13, 2022: Post-Roe v. Wade, do we really know WTF ‘getting pregnant’ means? 😱 In many ways, it has fucked up our fucking life (a.k.a. sex life). Here’s a short quiz 🤔 in the New York Times […]

What’s new in sex toys? Vibrating blankets?

We’ve come a long way baby … and there’s much more to come … to coming. The “gender neutral sex toy” business is booming and with it your world of pleasure can skyrocket! We’ve posted an article from @insidehook, A Guide to the Evolving World of Gender Neutral Sex Toys that offers you a whole […]

Ya’ want tits with those fries?

Welcome to the horny world of fast food nudes! If you’re horny and hungry there are places you can satisfy both urges. Kind of ‘one-stop sex [and food] shopping.’ Across various corners of the adult internet, people are partaking in the glory of combining fast food and naked photos. The most popular figures, of course, […]

“69” + imagination = ??? Do the math, get an A+

If you don’t like “69ing” you’re doing it wrong! You don’t have to be a mathematician to know how to add great 69 to your sex life. It doesn’t have to only be the old boring, gotta try it sometime, sex act. There is much to sexplore! If you’re interested in being a sex multi-tasker […]

Road head is no joke …

it’s an accident about to happen … to cum. And quite unsatisfying. Just because Leonardo Di Caprio gets road head in a Ferrari in the opening of The Wolf of Wall Street, doesn’t mean it’s any good (they use stunt people in movies, ya’ know). More importantly, it’s fuckin’ dangerous. An accident waiting to happen […]

Listen to your vulva she knows …

if he’s not right for you. “She slept with multiple new partners, none of whom elicited the same painful reaction Nick did.” It can be true. A woman’s vulva, vagina, clit and other pleasure-parts can sense that something is off, often before the person realizes it herself. “There’s intelligence in the body” says Tami Kent […]

Wanna be sexier? Forget the eyes …

get acupuncture for your ‘taint’ – your perineum! “They don’t call it your ‘taint’ for nothing — it’s called the taint because t’ain’t your genitals and t’aint your anus.” Your perineum, both female and male, can be a fascinating erogenous zone that can bring a whole new arousal to your sex life. It’s largely unknown, overly taboo […]

Men can’t find the clitoris because they don’t want to …

and that separates sex from loving-sex. And the good men from boys! “Men are fucking dumb and don’t know what they’re doing with women’s bodies.” It’s true. They are homo stupidus. Like immature little boys playing with an exquisitely rare orchid and having no idea what magnificent beauty they behold. Far too many men are […]

Sex, sex, sex – it’s trending …

more likes, more engagement, more followers, more menstrubation! Here is what’s trending in sex in 2022 and what to get excited about. From menstrubation (self-pleasure during period), adaptive sex, supplements (including CBD lube) to sex wearables and remote controlled sex toys. Jump on the trends. Or at least read this excellent article @greatist by @morganmandriota […]

Everybody’s traveling to Colorado …

to fully enjoy the “dawn of weed tourism” – pets too! “50% of all Millennials said that access to legal recreational cannabis was important when choosing a vacation destination and 43% said they’ve already chosen destinations because cannabis was legal there.” – Forbes Colorado is considered “the hemp and cannabis capital of the world” and […]

In free-use sex fetish you’re free to …

get it wherever and whenever ya’ want it! “There’s no flirting, no foreplay, no having to deal with the awkwardness of the do-you-want-to-have-sex dance that people do. It’s just there.” In free-use sex partners can have sex with each other whenever they want, no holds barred. The free-use is a fully-consensual and partners are allowed […]

Want to Grand Slam your pussy?

It’s not a tennis or baseball grand slam – and it’s no easier! “Grand Slam My Pussy” has been trending lately on Google and it’s a sex sport – first played in porn – that you might want to sexplore and consider. But it’s not that easy, logistically. You might prefer it as a spectator […]

Edible underwear for STI protection …

FDA-approved vanilla flavored underwear may be a tasty, safe solution! “Oral sex is not totally risk-free” [from STI] – Dr. Jeanne Marrazzo The FDA recently cleared a vanilla flavored, stretchy, ultra-thin underwear for safe STI-protected oral sex. The New York Times called it, “a first for underwear.” Here’s a quick article from @insidehook by one […]

Beware the threesome …

because in real life they can be awkward – or worse! 95% of men and 87% of women have fantasized about multiple sex partners.” – Dr. Justin Lehmiller Not knowing WTF your doing – literally – in a threesome is not good for the health of your libido. “People should try to be aware of […]

Polyamorous sex and jealousy don’t work

together they are toxic, self-inflicted stress. As the old adage says, ‘If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen.’ And the same for a polyamorous sexual relationship. If you can’t stand the reality get out of the relationship. To accentuate the dishonesty – and stupidity – of trying to make a polyamorous […]

What’s your favorite sex toy?

Here are six favorites tested by a professional sex writer (she’s tested dozens). 40% of Americans over 18 have spent over $100 on sex toys in the last 12 months. – BedBible.com But before you spend you might want to hear what some of the experts have to recommend. “I showed my mom that I’d […]

No … yes … yes … no! Consent and the …

liberated woman doesn’t mean your sexually liberated. Good interview. Great book. A must-read! “Modern heterosexual dating culture appears to be an emotional meat grinder whose miseries and degradations can’t be solved by ever more elaborate rituals of consent.” WTF is wrong? Are we too early in Darwin’s evolutionary journey to expect genetic changes that would […]

WTF … no touch orgasms?

Watch. Learn. And get off! Back due to popular demand (posted previously). No touch, hands-off-your-vulva orgasms can be a wonderful part of Tantra sex and Tantra teacher Christina says it’s about “rocking your pelvis forward and awaking your sexual energy.” Watch her do it. Here’s a 3-minute video with Christina demonstrating her no touch orgasm. […]

In sex, do your 5 Senses get a high-five …

or a thumbs down? 👎🏼 Mirror, mirror on the wall, tell me I use them all. Most women (and men) do not intentionally and skillfully use their magnificent 5 senses during sex – before, during or after. And we don’t know what we’re missing. Being in touch with all five senses increases relaxation, extends foreplay […]

Before and after: Sex is great for your skin.

There are scientific reasons for good skin after orgasms! “During sexual activity and especially after orgasm, your body releases serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and prolactin.” – Dr. Shirley Chi After-glow is real and it can last way beyond the after-flow, a cuddle and a good-night’s sleep. In 2 minutes learn the important connection between more beautiful […]

Five true, dirty, smokin’-hot sex tales …

Writers share their most memorable sex of the year! “Some are funny, some are delicate, some are raunchy, some are sweet and some are silly, but they are all, on some level, very serious.” – Kayla Kibbe @kay_kibbe is one of our fave sex writers and she asked five of her colleagues, contributors to InsideHook, […]