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Netflix: “Principles of Pleasure” … must-watch!

If you want to “up” your sex pleasure this is a 3 episode binge-worthy series! (1 min – trailer 1:22) “Sex, joy and modern science converge in this eye-opening series that celebrates the complex world of women’s pleasure — and puts stubborn myths to rest.” Movies in bed just got a helluva lot better – […]

“Yeah” … over-50 sex gets better and better!

at least for half of you. We don’t know if Sandra Bullock is happy because she’s 58 or because she’s enjoying great sex – or both! What we do know is that almost half the women over 50 say they are having better sex as they age. 45% of adults report having better sex as […]


“One-penis policy” is a problem in threesomes

Most couples are looking for another woman, not another man. The “one penis policy” in a sexual relationship is rooted in misogyny and homophobia. Because men feel threatened. Very sad. But very real. Perhaps there was some deep-seated insecurity in Will Smith’s outrageous display of anger at the Oscars? Apparently, long before the infamous, infantile […]

Soaking up sex … in the tub

Rule #1: Practice safe sex Forget what you see in the movies or read in erotic books, bath tub sex – great bath tub sex – requires 3 things: A sexy imagination Positional flexibility Safety Soaking in a tub is a fabulous indulgence and if you want to transform that inner calming bliss to inner […]

True story: If the sex is boring now …

it won’t get any better after marriage. Stay single! From New York magazine’s Sex Diaries we’ve posted a recent single woman’s diary entry about one week in her sex life: Hooking Up With Her Partner Between Work Calls. Talk about boring sex. If this is sex in the Big Apple, where, “If you can make […]

Foreplay is the braille of sexual mind reading

and it’s a requirement, not just a suggestion “There’s a huge sexual sandbox.”– Dr. Emily Morse Watch this 2 minute video with your partner and start communicating about lifting your sexual foreplay to intimate new levels. It can open up your sexual sandbox to wondrous, wild and wanton new levels. “We need intimacy,” says Emily […]

There’s no excuse for ignorance even when it’s ignored

And when it comes to sex, we’re as ignorant as Neanderthals. (4 min) Our sexual lineage is rooted in cave men and women, and not much has changed. Okay, maybe the “missionary position” is new, but not much else. Today, we don’t sexually behave much different than our ancestors did 40,000 years ago (actually the […]

Read more sex, have more sex …

Women who read erotica have 74% more sex. So much about sex is illogical, disrespectful and destructive – to ourselves, our partner and the relationship – and yet, we do so little to change this debilitating state of affairs. That is why it requires a huge rethink. And there’s no time like the present to […]

How do you get the sexual excitement back?

Slapping? Spanking? Watching porn? Being vulnerable? “Sexual boredom is common but not inevitable.” – Dr. Ian Kerner Rekindling your sex life takes a little effort, a good dose of knowledge and some loving understanding. Especially an understanding of the “eight components of magnificent sex.” Here’s an article and a TEDX Talk that just might kick-start […]

What does a vagina taste like? Short answer …

A vagina “A healthy vulva tastes like a healthy vulva.” Everyone is different and if it’s healthy it’s deliciously perfect. And it changes all the time. It might be sweet or sour, metallic or bitter, salty or sharp. It might even have faint hints of what you had for dinner. Read more about what it […]

Sex furniture … shop ’til you drop!

Great sex, great bargains. It’s Xmas, Black Friday & Valentine’s rolled into one! Decorating your home with sex furniture, whether it’s a bachelorette apartment or a McMansion, can be the ultimate shopping trip for any woman who loves great sex and a great bargain. The options are endless. We’ve posted an article to show you […]

Do you care if he’s divorced? Shouldn’t!

A divorced man can come with significant benefits! It might seem counterintuitive but a divorced man might be a great catch. Of course there are caveats but a woman should not dismiss dating a divorced man simply because he’s divorced. “Life-changing events like divorce take courage, and the right person will find that admirable.” – […]

Over 50? How many sex partners have you had?

Study reports how many sex partners people over 50 have had … surprise! Answering this question really requires an open, secure and strong relationship. And hopefully if you’re over 50 this is the case. “Body count, like the concept of virginity, only has value because we give it value.” We’ve written about this issue before […]


Run Wonder Women … run! The sex is better!

Running improves sexual performance – more frequency, arousal, orgasms. If you want to be “Wonder Woman” in the bedroom you might want to trade the negligee and slippers for track shorts and Nikes. An experienced physician, marathon runner and author, Dr. Juliet McGratten says, “Running is a journey of discovery. Not just of running routes […]

Sex after 50: “How often” no longer matters …

Because sexual frequency is not connected to your happiness! It’s true. Relax. After 50 many things get better … and better. And sex can be one of them. It’s not the quantity, it’s the quality. Of course, quality has always been important but a few years ago (2016) a study by the Social Psychological and […]

Sex games – stop playing mind games and …

get into playing some hot sexy games! Sex sure as hell is no damn game and yet too many of us play it as a “mind game.” Don’t. Instead get yourself one of these 13 board games and your sex life may never be bored again. As in any game, the more you know the […]


So much to know so little time!   Archives: Welcome to the archives of SEXNEWS in BRIEF May 25, 2022: Scientists believe that humans have as many as 53 senses, not just the original ‘Five Senses” as defined by Aristotle. Thermoception (heat), Nociception (pain), Proprioception (body awareness) and chemical senses (thirst) are just a few […]

Grab your headsets because listening to sex

gets you off  gloriously and gives voice to your deepest desires! It’s true! Listening to sex stories can give voice to your innermost fantasies. It gives a whole new meaning to ‘talking dirty.’ It’s audio porn or audio eroticism and can be enjoyed in private or out loud with your partner. “Erotic audio porn is […]

Sex toys & your clitoris … constant companions?

They should be! After you have your first penis you should buy your first sex toy. Or before. Discovering the magnificence of the clitoris is still one of history’s long-standing, unsolved mysteries. Caught somewhere between shame, ignorance and denial. The structure of the clitoris may only have been fully understood recently (1998) and yet, women’s […]

Last Tango in Paris – 50 years later!

The controversy over the butter-rape scene remains. (3 min) Non-consensual sex is always rape. Whether it’s depicted in an erotic and infamous movie like Last Tango in Paris (1972) or more recently in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011) or  The Handmaid’s Tale, it always reminds us of how vulnerable women are. Of course, […]

Breast orgasms are possible. And beautiful!

 It’s true, women can have wonderful breast orgasms. Breasts are under appreciated as a sumptuous source of sexual pleasure. Worse, they are too often ignored in the sensuous beauty of not only foreplay but in the full journey to orgasmic bliss. We’ve posted an article from Well+Good @Iamwellandgood by @marygraceontheinternet and the title says it […]


Is your vagina “fine?” Does she agree?

If you actually asked your vagina, she’d probably say, “No!” Don’t accept “fine” as “good enough” for your vagina. Because “good enough, isn’t!” If your vagina isn’t enjoying a magnificent sex life then something is wrong. And that’s on you girl. Every fucking wondrous vagina wants, needs and deserves – from you – lots of […]


What are men so afraid of? You’d be surprised – or not!

Their “fear” tells you more than anything else – and should make you fearful (2 min read / 9 min video) “Immature men scare easily. … they are terrified of relationships. They run for the hills.” Fear manifests itself as insecurity and insecurity is a flashing red light: “Stop.” “Get out.” You be the one […]

Low libido and insomnia … Be gone!

Women’s alert: Great sex and a good-night’s sleep are possible. (2 min)  46% of women agree that a good-night’s sleep is better than sex.” Research has shown that there are too many nights that almost half of women are having to make a terrible choice: To have sex or get a good-night’s sleep. How is […]

Are you missing “sexploration” & “sexperimentation?”

It deepens relationships, creating openness, honesty, intimacy and trust. [ ⏰ 6 min] Sex should always have boundaries – set by you – but those boundaries should always be open to your deepest desires and wildest fantasies. Your sexual curiosity should know no bounds. Sexoomers are some of the best sexplorers. No matter your age, […]

Sex in public can be a big turn on but …

is the possibility of getting caught worth the risk? Many women say, “You bet it is! But if you want to explore sex in public places there are a few things you should do to prepare – make a sex check list. Here’s an article from O School @odotschool by Elizabeth Kirkhorn that can help […]

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Getting a Master’s Degree in Sex starts …

with these easy lessons in “cliteracy” (less than 2 min read) “The most crucial action needed to orgasm with a partner is to get the same type of stimulation you use when pleasuring yourself.” Sex is not rocket science but if women want to have orgasms that put them ‘over the moon,’ they better be […]