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Yoga sex isn’t this hard and …

there are 5 positions that can give your sex life a real boost! [this isn’t one of them – maybe for cunnilingus?] Certain poses can strengthen muscles and improve flexibility in ways that are particularly useful for better sex. Just take a quick look at these photos – the Bridge, the Cat/Cow, the Prasarita. Even […]

Massage his penis for better vaginal orgasms

Honoring the penis is the height of mindful sex! Ladies, welcome to Lingam massage. He will never forget you! Lingam is the Sanskirt word for penis … ‘wand of light.’ This 8 minute video will show you how to truly “know,” explore and discover his penis while inside you. It will blow your mind, literally […]

Four surprising erogenous zones!

Hiding in plain sight: Between. Beside. On. Next to. Discover in 3 minutes what can give you endless hours of pleasure. Move on from the clitoral tip, nipples and ears and explore the largest sex organ of all, the skin – and all its erogenous zones. They are hiding in plain sight … between, bedside, […]

How “Doggie” can be a girl’s best friend.

Learn “heavenly” variations and doggie sex can be your ‘new best friend!’ The old cliche that ‘a dog is a man’s best friend’ might still be hanging around but for women, knowing variations on doggie sex (other than ‘ass-up-face-down’) can be their best friend (his too). We’ve posted an excellent article from Bad Girls Bible […]

How much do penis “girl inches” matter?

Maybe no more than “vagina inches?” Why do women overestimate penis size? The internet is overflowing with information, facts and factoids on penis size and one phenomenon is called “girl inches.” This refers to women overestimating the size of penises – by, on average, a couple of inches. “Tens of thousands of penises have been […]


Can a relationship survive no sex?

It’s negotiable! If two First Ladies and two Presidents can negotiate a loving, no-sex relationship then there has to be hope for all the other long-term relationships facing the “doom” of no sex. “Right up there with food and water, sex is a basic human need and one that certainly doesn’t disappear with age.” We […]


Why do couples stop having sex?

It’s not what you think – and it’s quite often”okay.” Sometimes you simply don’t want to want sex. And that’s ok! Sexual desire is complicated and there are many reasons our sexual desire declines. And “ageing doesn’t erase sexual desire or arousal” (read that again)! But it doesn’t have to be a crisis for either […]

The penis alone is not enough …

knowing orgasmic positions and having a special vibrator are musts! Only 31% of women orgasm from penetration alone. This one statistic is perhaps the most important in every woman’s sex life – unless she owns one of those magical, super-sensitive, well-lubricated, multi-orgasmic vaginas. For all the rest, there are at least two things that are […]

Don’t let the sun set on your post-menopausal sex life …

Mind-blowing sex can still be part of the ride! “Numerous post-menopausal women are not having sex, but want to.” Mother nature did not envision women being sexually active after menopause and for many after-menopause sex can be uncomfortable with thinner, drier vaginal tissue, less natural lubrication, and painful penetration. But help is close at hand […]

Clitoris: Worshipping the pearl with cunnilingus …

How to give divine cunnilingus to the pearl of sexual pleasure. Like an oyster becomes a pearl so too can cunnilingus become a divine act of pleasure. You need only know how! And if he doesn’t, you can guide your loving angel, your god of love, your master of pleasure. If he learns how to […]

Couples who masturbate together, stay together!

Masturbation should be a liberal sexual pleasure policy, not a secret. “Mutual, random, shared masturbation beats having to tell your significant other you’re horny.” Like most successful endeavors, sexual pleasure comes from an open policy and a good plan. And at the top of the list should be mutually figuring out how to have a […]

Earth Day: Celebrate its magnificence and …

honor our natural connection to both earth and sex. “Ode to Earth and Sex.” Earth Day is a wonderful day, not only to celebrate the need to contribute to the sustainability of our magnificent planet but also to be aware and conscious of our good fortune to be here on what Carl Sagan called, “the […]

Mastering cowgirl sex begins with …

mastering the cowgirl sex position. Real cowgirls – and all women aspiring to be great lovers – know there’s more to the cowgirl sex position than just being along for the ride. Like a cowgirl’s horse, her sex partner is very important to her. His sexual pleasure and well-being is her ultimate consideration (also read […]


Vagina beware: Spin class can create spin crotch

and that can make more than your legs sore! If you’re lovin’ spin class but not the post-ride tingling in your pudendal nerve you need to know what’s going on down there. “This overactivity in your pelvic floor can lead to symptoms that some people don’t understand are warning signs.” – Kate Roddy, pelvic phsiotherapist […]

Better sex: Fewer Kegels, more gluts.

“I’ll drink to that.” Upgrade your ‘sexercise,’ upgrade your sex. Kegel … Kegel … Kegel … what’s a woman to do? The best idea, do different sexercises. Because strengthening your Kegel muscles alone is not enough. If you want great sex and stronger orgasms you want your gluts, hips and abs to be good sexshape. […]

Talking sex means knowing …

WTF you’re talking about! We’re coining a new term: Fucking stupidus (compound noun): It refers to someone who fucks without knowing much about what the fuck they’re doing, has little interest in learning the magnificence of sex, and doesn’t know enough to be confident in talking sex. Girls this is on us! Over half of […]

Can the age gap negate the orgasm gap?

We’ve got research on both  … and it’s good news! Older men, younger woman. Older woman, younger man – WTF is the problem? The age gap is as natural as … well, nature itself. And yet cultural criticism, and the cynics, never stop with the name calling: ‘sugar daddy’, ‘gold-digger,’ ‘cougars,’ ‘toyboys, ‘MILF.’ WTF is […]


Office lust – and love – are inevitable!

We just have to learn how to “manage” them. Office-mates often become bed-mates. 1/3 of employees started relationships with colleagues during the pandemic … who says Zoom doesn’t connect us? Proximity – physical, emotional, intellectual – is a driving force in all of us and when combined with shared interests, problems, creativity, it can be […]

No, opposites don’t attract and …

every dating app knows it. Get used to it! It’s just not true that we want to meet someone “different.” The evidence is clear: “Opposites repel.” Deeply ingrained in our psyche and genetic make up is a need to be with someone we trust and trust is rooted in similarities, not differences. We want to […]

What’s your sex mindset?

It could be killing your sex life … and your relationships? Anytime is a good time to rethink how your mindset impacts your sex life. Because it does. Significantly! “Dump him … Fuck me once, shame on you; fuck me twice, shame on me.” – Samantha in Sex and the City Apparently, Samantha said this […]

Netflix: “Principles of Pleasure” … must-watch!

If you want to “up” your sex pleasure this is a 3 episode binge-worthy series! (1 min – trailer 1:22) “Sex, joy and modern science converge in this eye-opening series that celebrates the complex world of women’s pleasure — and puts stubborn myths to rest.” Movies in bed just got a helluva lot better – […]

“Yeah” … over-50 sex gets better and better!

at least for half of you. We don’t know if Sandra Bullock is happy because she’s 58 or because she’s enjoying great sex – or both! What we do know is that almost half the women over 50 say they are having better sex as they age. 45% of adults report having better sex as […]


“One-penis policy” is a problem in threesomes

Most couples are looking for another woman, not another man. The “one penis policy” in a sexual relationship is rooted in misogyny and homophobia. Because men feel threatened. Very sad. But very real. Perhaps there was some deep-seated insecurity in Will Smith’s outrageous display of anger at the Oscars? Apparently, long before the infamous, infantile […]

Soaking up sex … in the tub

Rule #1: Practice safe sex Forget what you see in the movies or read in erotic books, bath tub sex – great bath tub sex – requires 3 things: A sexy imagination Positional flexibility Safety Soaking in a tub is a fabulous indulgence and if you want to transform that inner calming bliss to inner […]

True story: If the sex is boring now …

it won’t get any better after marriage. Stay single! From New York magazine’s Sex Diaries we’ve posted a recent single woman’s diary entry about one week in her sex life: Hooking Up With Her Partner Between Work Calls. Talk about boring sex. If this is sex in the Big Apple, where, “If you can make […]

Foreplay is the braille of sexual mind reading

and it’s a requirement, not just a suggestion “There’s a huge sexual sandbox.”– Dr. Emily Morse Watch this 2 minute video with your partner and start communicating about lifting your sexual foreplay to intimate new levels. It can open up your sexual sandbox to wondrous, wild and wanton new levels. “We need intimacy,” says Emily […]