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Let’s talk the number of past sex partners.

Uh … no! Talking about past ‘lessons learned,’ sure. Numbers? No! There is a right and wrong way to talk about a person’s sexual history and asking the number of sex partners is not one of them. Ever! Talking about past sexual experiences, if open and honest, can be beneficial but you have to know […]

Talking dirty –  if you think it, fantasize it, say it!

Give voice to your erotic potential. Dirty talk is not dirty, it happens best at the height of open, honest, loving intimacy. In loving sex, saying what we truly think, feel, fantasize, want and need is the ultimate expression of our erotic self and our vulnerability. Our true self. The vulva, penis, clitoris, and heart […]

‘Senior sex’ – we all get there and …

if we’re willing to learn, it can be as “good as it gets!” Okay, okay … the Sex in the City girls aren’t there yet, but they’re getting there – and probably as curious and concerned as any women. Sex is a lifelong journey – should be – and whether you’re 30 or 40 or […]

💘 Cupid’s arrow doesn’t always hit the mark …

and knowing why is a wonderful, loving Valentine’s Day gift ❣️ (3 min) Cupid’s Poisoned Arrow is a tell-you-all-you-need-to-know book that will change what you think about cupid and Valentine’s and orgasms. Yes, orgasms! And most important, the “orgasm hangover.” We all know that post-orgasmic feeling of, “I’m done” and the fake orgasm feeling of, […]

Brush up on the “Dos-and-Don’ts” of sex toys

and know the 10 household items NOT to use during sex! Here’s a must-read article if you’re into improvising with sex toys and sometimes grab something handy around the house. Cucumber? Jalapeños? … Don’t! The title of the article says it all: Wait, You Know Better Than to Use These 10 Household Items During Sex, […]

Great sex should never be a surprise …

at anytime, anywhere, any age. Never! The reality is … too many women are having unsatisfying sex – about 54 million, everyday. Worldwide there are 120 million acts of sexual intercourse everyday and approximately 45% of those are unsatisfactory for the women. Unacceptable! The reason that half of the sex we have is unsatisfying is […]

Mother Nature loves sex and …

she can fix low libido, naturally! Sex is good for our health and when we live more naturally we live better. This means we should satisfy our sexual needs and desires the same way we treat hunger and thirst – as a necessity! We know there are foods that are good for our sexual appetite […]

40% of women do not create enough natural lubrication!

It’s one of 8 reasons you’re not orgasming. First figure out why you’re not creating enough natural lubrication. It can be anything from too much stress to too little foreplay. Or medication. Or the wrong lubricant. We’ve posted an article, 8 Reasons You’re Not Orgasming that can get you started in better understanding what your […]

Sex in a chair. So many options!

Here are 19 of the “best chairs” to have sex in, ranked.   Sex in a chair on SNL might be a bit much for some of us but sex in a chair without being an exhibitionist can be great! Here’s an article from Cosmo ranking the best chairs. We don’t agree with the ranking […]


What? No touch orgasms?

Yep! Couple of Tantra breaths and you’re off! No touch, hands-off-your-vulva orgasms can be a wonderful part of Tantra sex and Tantra teacher Christina says it’s about “rocking your pelvis forward and awaking your sexual energy.” Watch her do it. Here’s a 3 minute video with Christina demonstrating her no touch orgasm. Worth watching – […]


His orgasms are like this …

and mine flatline most of the time! Enough! This article depicts the essence of the orgasm-sex gap by relating a scene in the HBO movie, “The Undoing” with Nicole Kidman. The writer asks, “Why do we have to watch sex scenes like this?” “Women hate this kind of sex.” As the article states: “In a […]

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Tantric sex 101 …

a quickie in tantric sex   Tantra in Sanskrit means “woven together” and the ultimate in sex is the union of two into one. “Tantra teaches slow, non-orgasmic sexual intercourse.” Here’s a short article (2 min) from Best Health, Tell Me More About Tantric Sex by Dr. Cheryl Fraser that could be your introduction to […]

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Ladies, need stress relief? Forget the gym, yoga, pilates, head for the bedroom

Release tension with these five relaxing, natural, stress-relieving sex positions Stress is natural, so is sex, and they are often antithetical to each other. Too much stress, too little sex, especially good sex. And yet, done right, sex can be a great stress-relieving agent. More sex, less stress, just what the doctor ordered. “Stress will […]


Erotic massage: Calm the mind, arouse the body

The gift of touch not only releases the “love hormone,” it signals trust and affection, strengthening the bond between partners. And knowing how to master an erotic massage is a wonderful way to emotionally and physical connect. An erotic massage can be the prologue to unabridged sexual performance. But like any art, attention to craft […]

Fake orgasms are in decline but …

‘we’ve got a long way to go baby.’ (4 min) “58% of women report faking orgasms but the vast majority, 67% (of the 58%), no longer do.” Just do the math. 4-in-10 women are still faking and undermining the relationship and the sexual fulfillment – of both themselves and their partners. The biggest single reason: […]

After-50, ‘circular sex’ can be endless bliss

with no goal, no end point, no orgasm, no ‘failure.’ There is no such thing as a ‘perfect circle’ but circular sex is designed to move you toward sexual perfection. Orgasms are not the end game of sex, especially with after-50 sex. Here’s an article that just might get you past the “orgasm imperative.” Unscripting […]

How wired are women for great sex?

The easy answer: It’s complicated. (A must-read article – 25 minutes of incredibly worthwhile insight into female orgasms) The title of this excellent article from Walrus magazine (great magazine) by @sarahbarmak is, Building a Better Female Orgasm, but it’s worthy of several alternative headlines: Why aren’t women and their ‘junk’ on the same page? You […]


Naked yoga in your own home. Beautiful!

“It just feels so honest.” “Taking my clothes off on Instagram has been one of the best things I’ve done.” @laurenrudick Here’s a quick story of a woman who says, “Recent struggles and setbacks left me in a major funk” and naked yoga was “so incredibly empowering. I felt strong and beautiful.” We’ve posted her […]

Let us introduce you to a real cowgirl.

one who has given a lot of thought to your sexual pleasure and well-being, not just TV binge-watching. We’ve met a real cowgirl with a real story to tell. And she’s from Colorado, not a fictional Yellowstone Ranch in Montana. We’d like to introduce you. Tonya Laden and her partner Paul Barrow are the co-founders […]

Doing Kegel exercises during sex can

harnesses your pelvic superpower and vagina magic. Kegels during sex can be some of the best sexercise you ever do – for you and your penis-owning partner. And the orgasms – his and yours – can be orgasmic! A strong pelvic floor can make you more likely to achieve an orgasm through penetration  – and […]

The best sex of your life may still be to come!

45% of women have better sex as they age. Like a good wine, sex can get better with age and sex after 50 is to be savored as you explore all its delicious tastes and flavors. According to a survey conducted by sex toy company LELO, 45 percent of adults report having better sex as […]

It takes more than his mouth

to enjoy a gourmet meal & he needs to know the new pussy-eating paradigm. There is so much to know and so little effort put into learning the marvelous mysteries and endless ways to a woman’s deepest cunnilingus pleasures. Most women don’t know what they should about their own needs and how to talk honestly […]