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Everybody is talking and reading about the vagina …

Podcasts, videos, books are giving women everywhere an opportunity to learn about something that matters a great deal to happiness and fulfillment in their lives. Previously, we wrote a book review about The Vagina Bible by Dr. Jen Gunter and we want to follow up, and keep up, with the ongoing conversation that is happening […]

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Three women, three stories and deep entanglements of

 love, desire, sex and the need to be something to somebody (2 min read) Unfulfilled desire could not be more needed, more real. More riveting. This is non-fiction storytelling at its best, revealing the pain, pleasure and hypocrisies of love, marriage, infatuation and lust in heterosexual partnerships, everywhere. Well, at least in these three women’s […]


This is about anyone who has ever loved and …

the fact that monogamy has nothing to do with love. (Overview: 3 minute read / The Atlantic article: 17 minutes /  TED talk: 21 minutes – all worth your time) “It is our imagination that is responsible for love, not the other person.” – Marcel Proust A must-read for “anyone who has ever loved.” That’s […]

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Who doesn’t want to be happy?

Everybody wants to be happy, few know how. This book can change that.   (3 min read) Tell me and I’ll probably forget. Show me and I might remember. Let me do it, and I’ll never forget. – Chinese proverb This book will “tell you” all about happiness and through extensive research studies and stories […]


Why Happy People Cheat

A good marriage is no guarantee against infidelity (17 min read) From The Atlantic: This essay is written by Esther Perel and adapted from her book, The State of Affairs: Rethinking Infidelity. See Book Review and buy at Love & Sexcess Bookstore. Esther Perel is also the author of Mating in Captivity: Unlocking Erotic Intelligence […]

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Stop chasing the orgasm …

try sex mediation [one woman’s story].   Irina Gonzalez, freelance writer for Glamour, wrote an intriguing story of her search for a better sex life through meditation. In her article (4 min read), she tells her story of sexual frustration, daily stress and a declining sex life with her husband. “I don’t know a woman […]

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Want to start an intimate conversation?

This woman knows how. And tells us how in a great starter book “Watch their feet, not their mouth.” The old axiom above is for measuring the value of a person’s actions over their words – and it’s a good guide – but Shamyra Howard’s short, pithy book, Use Your Mouth, puts a whole new […]

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“Men” … what are they good for?

A helluva lot more than they actually think they are! #MeToo is a movement, and a good one. It’s making headway and we’ve “come a long way baby,” but still have a long way to go. And women aren’t alone in needing a movement, so do men. Ladies, don’t gloat over their needs, instead jump […]

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A woman’s clitoris can be a surgical victim

because she has been  “shaped by civilization,” not reality. In the modern vernacular, doctors know fuck all about the female clitoris. And today, in western civilization, medical practitioners continue female genital mutilation out of ignorance and malpractice. Mainly because they simply do not know the anatomy of the clitoris. What? you ask. We repeat, they […]

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Illicit encounters are a booming affair and …

there are wonderful websites dedicated to the state of affairs From UK survey by IllicitEncounters: IllicitEncounters, in the UK claims to have had over 1,000,000 users since 2004. That’s a lot of extra-marital affairs! Ashley Madison, another online resource, states, “Life is short. Have an affair.” Like any booming business, these sites have a great […]


Fake orgasms are ‘fake news’ and …

need to come out of the dark in a fragile relationship. You can’t fake dishonesty forever. If you asked 100 people what an orgasm feels like you would get 100 different answers. Because the orgasm is one of the most mysterious and least understood aspects of sex and yet, one of the most sought-after goals. […]


Does size matter? Not as much as sexual illiteracy!

A study of Women’s Preference for Penis Size reveals a big surprise – most women know it, most men don’t. Everyone should! Essay by Elizabeth Joyce (9 min read – a small investment in illiteracy) “Sigmund Freud was sexually illiterate. He did women a tremendous disservice. He was brilliant but taught some nonsense.” – Dr. […]


Surprise! Size does matter but not …

like you think or when you think or why. “Big” has its time and place but most of the time, with most of women, it isn’t that important. A great guy and an average penis is a fuck of a lot more important than a great penis (size) and an average guy – unless it’s […]

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The wisdom of midlife sex is essential to …

living life to the fullest and being true to ourselves Someone once said, “Life is all practice until your forty.” Perspicacious. And mostly true. Especially in our sex lives. Some of us learn from practice and trial and error, others don’t, and for those who need more insight this book is a treasure trove. OB/GNY, […]


This is irresponsible of your gynecologist

and unnecessarily dangerous for you and your clitoris. We all know what men think when a woman opens the hood of a car to check what’s wrong with the engine. “WTF does she know about an engine?” And often their right. But a woman is smart enough to call someone who does know, like a […]

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Funny TED TALK on orgasmic enlightenment

at the intersection of sex and science. Nobody has more fun talking about sex than Mary Roach. And writing about it, as she does in her blockbuster book, Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Sex and Science. Watch her 31 million viewed TED TALK first, and if you want more, read the book. Roach is on […]

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What It’s Like to Be a Female Who Ejaculates. Orgasms on a whole new level

“I’d become terribly afraid—’dick shy,’ the boys my age would say.” In pre-Google 1996 … we all bought into the mythical value of virginity [which] had the unintended effect of encouraging creative experimentation. Oral sex was okay. Getting fingered. Basically anything besides s-e-x. By 16 years old, I would become one of those girls who […]


“Sex takes the least amount of time and yet …

causes the most amount of trouble” – John Barrymore. No woman needs a clock to confirm Barrymore’s claim that most of the time, the time invested in sex is too short … quick, fast, down and over. And too many times, it’s one of the reasons women don’t want to spend more time having sex. […]