Double Your Pleasure

By Lori Hughes

We are the Webster twins. Identical.

Most people say, ‘the beautiful, bright, adorable Webster twins.’ We add, ‘cursed … sometimes’. But it’s not all bad. Most of the time it’s been great. Lots of attention and lots of boys, romance and sex. Jackie is my little sis – I’m Jodi – and she’s better at some things than me, but other than that we’re as identical as twins can get. The only difference now is she’s married with a handsome husband, a darling little boy and living the good life, happily-ever-after. I’m okay, just haven’t been as lucky in love, you might say. Still single. I call her my ‘little sis’ because mom said she was born two minutes after me. Mom died when we were nine. Dad is still selling cars at the Mercedes dealership, every day. He owns it. Probably never retire, just die on the showroom floor. We’re ‘thirty-something’ now – Jackie doesn’t like to reveal our age ‘cause she’s hung up on getting old. Don’t tell anybody, especially her … we’re only thirty-two.

We’ve been inseparable, even worked together in the advertising business, until Jackie quit to have Finn – he’s three now. Harry, her guy, is a big-time, tech executive and makes a fortune. I’m still in advertising. It’s what it is. We are where we are today because of what we did when we were young. That’s the fascinating part – like, a crazy mix of wild, weird, wonderful and romantic.

How we got here is a romp through the growing-up-years of two privileged, overly romantic, oversexed girls living in an upscale, suburban society. A good chunk of it with the wonderful Harry. We’ve known him and loved him since our freshman year in university. Both of us. Intimately. University. OMG! The best times – ever.


Shortly after arriving at the music festival site, Jackie and Luke disappeared and she later describe her first sex, on a blanket in the woods, as ‘okay … and he was nice about it.’ She had mixed feelings about it, but it was pretty basic – not good, not bad.

The festival didn’t start until Saturday afternoon and ran all night so Friday night was party night. Most were camping out. Some brought tents, some on blankets under the stars and others slept on the bus. Harry, being a last-minute addition, was unprepared. No blanket, no warm cloths and seemingly no big plans for sexual conquest. I hoped to change his mind and hoped he’d at least come prepared with a condom. Although, I was on the pill. The festival was in a state park and there were campgrounds everywhere with spots for building fires. Harry left me for a while and walked over a mile to a local grocery store and came back with a load of food – hotdogs, marshmallows, mustard, relish, chocolate bars for smores, chips, cokes and tequila, triple-sec, limes and salt for margaritas. And two blankets. My hero. “You didn’t have to do that. Buy all that. You spent too much.”

“Nonsense,” he said with that mile-wide smile. We gotta eat, gotta stay warm. Gonna be a long night.”

I knew he was special. And I was going to make him feel special – at least try. I was new at this. And he’s probably had girls since he was sixteen. We hiked off to one of the remote campfire sites and he made a roaring fire. We sat on one blanket and huddled under the other. As the fire filled the night air with golden flames, my flame began to rise. I had no control. It wasn’t like with Bryant, all hot and bothered. It was a deep-heat, melting the space between us. I couldn’t have scrunched any closer to his strapping body.

He was long. And solid. Manly. He’d walked a couple miles to the store but looked like he could walk forever, climb a mountain, rescue me and carry me back home. He was athletic, more like a basketball player than a football player but apparently, he was one helluva football player. He’d transferred from Ohio State. On the bus the other players had said they were lucky to have him on the team. They were now talking about winning the Big Ten championship. He can be my champ anytime he wants. When he jumped up to put more wood on the fire my heat flickered. Watching him move around the fire, stoking it, stoked my desire, my need. As he turned and looked at me, his silhouette was irresistible – hands on hips, legs spread, flames rising behind him. I flung the blanket off, rolled forward onto my knees and grabbed his belt buckle. I was obsessed … or something? He said nothing. The flames – not the crackling fire’s, mine – said, take him. His thick, sturdy body blocked the fire from me, but its heat rushed between his legs onto my face. I went from flushed to on-fire. He helped me push his jeans down. I yanked his underwear off. His engorged cock was a magnificent hunk of intensity and I took him in my hand. His hands cradled my head, lightly pulling my hair. His powerful thighs were cool next to the heat in my face. He groaned and pulled my hair harder. Moved. Slowly. Deliberately. I wasn’t sure what to do. Didn’t think. Hesitantly, I took him in my mouth. Not far. Just a bit. I was amazed by his pleasure, his need, his submission. Gratifying moans became guttural groans and I wondered if others might hear. But I didn’t care. I cared only about him. His satisfaction.

He needed me. Wanted me. I moved my hand, then licked him. Then took him further in. Sucked. He quivered. I moved my hand more. Sucked deeper. Made him wetter. His thighs bulged, straining against my movement. He gripped my head, taking control. But he couldn’t control his hunger or need to thrust. I wanted to give him more. When I removed my mouth to move my hand faster, he yelled something that sounded like a cry for help. I let go of his cock, pulled him down and rolled him over. I struggled out of my jeans, ripped my panties off and mounted him. It was a beautiful hurt. A good hurt. A submersion of overwhelming fire into throbbing desire. I dug my nails into his chest and he surged up, lifting me. All I could do was lean into him and hold on. He was in charge. I was his. He took me. Hard, fast, rough … beautifully. And then he was done. I laid on top of him, the cool night air drifting in over the fire’s heat. I was amazed … so this is sex? This is Harry? Incredible.

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