The Best of Orgasms

with Lori Hughes

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An excerpt to whet your appetite

We women are well aware of the infamous “orgasm gap” and the vast majority of us know that “faking” is a prerequisite in our sex lives. The numbers don’t lie.

  • Only 1/3 of women orgasm from penetration
  • 32% of women who have difficulty reaching orgasm say they’re “too in their head”
  • 45% of women fake orgasms because they want sex to end
  • 78% of women in an established relationships fake (versus only 10% in casual hook-ups)

This is reality. So, we decided to provide women with a handy, easy-to-read, easy-to-reference booklet that just might help close the orgasm gap in their sex lives. We search the nooks and crannies of the sex world to find, sort, report and share the news and insights so you can become more knowledgeable and interesting in everything to do with sex.

Great collection

This little booklet is a collection of the ten best articles that are chock full of advice, insights and tips on everything you ever imagined in the world of women’s orgasms (and a couple things you should know about men too).

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This might be the best return on investment you ever make in fulfilling your orgasmic potential!

The Best of Orgasms

Dedicated to women

Worldwide, there are more than 120 million
acts of sexual intercourse, every day.

At Love & Sexcess™ we’re on a mission: Dedicated to improving women’s sex lives and helping them learn more and more about the magnificence of sex.

We are helping women everywhere become sexual autodidacts so they can read, watch, listen and “sexplore” their way to a better sex life.

The Best of Series

We have created the Best of Series to help you discover every beautiful nook and cranny of the sexual universe. For years we’ve been curating the best of sex (written, watched and talked about) and now we’re putting the best in a series of ebooklets that make it easier for you to “sexplore” and “sexperiment.”

This is a collection, an anthology of articles, TEDx Talks and podcasts on the glories of sex and the most fascinating questions our followers tell us are important to them. Each booklet is designed so you can browse according to your particular interests, on your time, at your leisure.

First up:

The Best of Orgasms

Coming soon …
The Best of Oral Sex
The Best of Sex Positions
The Best of Sexoomer Sex
The Best of Mindful Sex


“57%  of women fake orgasms
so their partner feels successful.”

The fact that more than half of women fake orgasms is often rationalized as an ‘act of love’ [for our partner] when in fact it is an act of disrespect – to ourselves and our partners.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

From much of the research and interviewing I do for my writing, I know there is so much more we can learn to better understand our sexual relationships and gain deeper insight into the female orgasm and specifically, what is important to each of us.

In addition to these ‘ten best’, we’ve provided a list of books and websites that explore the intricacies and mysteries of orgasms. Of course, there are many more articles, videos and book reviews at our website.

Browse, peruse, enjoy!

“None of us – men or women … have learned how to have the kind of sex women love.”
– Bez Stone

Introduction – just a couple of comments

Women who read about sex have 74% more sex.
[Read that again]

The idea of this booklet is to kick-start or renew or refresh your sex reading adventure, which we believe – and research confirms – will definitely improve your sex life. Knowledge, understanding and learning are the path to a woman’s sexual well-being and fulfillment. And whether that comes from reading, listening or watching, and lots of exploring, it’s on each us to know what we are doing.

Obviously, talking is a big part of any relationship and yet, most couples know so little when it comes to talking about sex so there is little open and honest communications. So, we’ve selected these nine articles and a TEDx Talk, along with two embedded podcasts and links to other sources, to help you open new doors onto the wonders of the female orgasm.

We believe women who become sexual autodidacts are by far the most likely to have sexually fulfilling lives.

Table of Contents

Sex without sex can include lots of orgasms
(4 minute read) Page 12

“Frottage sex:” Orgasms without penetration
(3 minute read) Page 20

“Outerplay” leads to out-of-this-world orgasms without penetration
(4 minute read) Page 28

40% of women do not create enough natural lubrication! One of 8 reasons you’re not orgasming
(3 minute read) Page 36

Can CBD Create Better Orgasms?
(5 minute read) Page 44

Avoid orgasms and orgasm hangovers
It can be a better sex life
(3 minute read/26 minute podcast) Page 54

89% of us have had relationship sex issues. That’s 9-of-10 missing out on one of life’s greatest experiences
(1 minute read/8 minute TEDx Talk) Page 59

Unscripted sex is endless sex with no goal, no end point, no orgasm, no ‘failure’
(3 minute read) Page 62

Stop chasing the orgasm … try sex meditation
[one woman’s story]
(6 minute read) Page 68

Building a Better Orgasm
(23 minute read) Podcast link in introduction Page 76

Page 109

More sources
Page 110

Page 111


Sex without sex’ can
include lots of orgasms

Yes, sex without sex can be beautifully intimate!

There are many ways to enjoy intimacy without having intercourse and the exploration and discovery can be orgasmic – literally!

“Sex without sex offers a vast and
exciting world of possibility.”

Here’s an insightful article from Elephant Journal, Making Love Without Having Sex. It just might open up a new world of sexual intimacy for both of you.

Also check out the two articles on Frottage Sex (#2) and Outerplay (#3). They too delve into how to have fabulous sex without intercourse. There is much more to sex than penis-in-vagina and P-V is not always what we want. As we know, it can be uncomfortable, physically and emotionally. BTW, as you probably know, lubricants can often be your best friend and we are big on the sexual magic that natural CBD lubes can add to your sex life.

This introductory article has some good tips on avoiding the “Third Date Myth,” enjoying mutual masturbation and, one of our favourites, aural sex. After this, you will find Chapters #2 and #3 go deeper on the beauty, bliss and intimacy of non-penetrative sex.

Making Love Without Having Sex
By @Rachel Astarte

There are many ways to enjoy intimacy with
a partner without having intercourse.

I like to call it “sex without sex.”

What is Sex Without Sex?
Essentially, sex without sex is the exploration of physical intimacy without intercourse/penetration. There are hundreds of ways to achieve gratification with your partner, but in our sex-obsessed society we’re often not exposed to these (sometimes ancient) practices.

Let’s Get Started
Tonight, ask your lover to name three things besides intercourse (i.e. penetration) that most thrills him/her.

Name three yourself.

When you next make love, focus on these three things, if only by paying closer attention to them as they occur. Luxuriate on them a little longer than you normally would. This is a great step toward developing greater intimacy.

It may seem odd to find a tip about abstinence in a collection about better sex. But this tip is so simple, you may have overlooked it as a possibility.

Stop having sex. Not forever, but for a set period of time. If you’re in a relationship, maybe a week will do. (Or, if a week seems like an unnecessary punishment, try three days. ) If you’re not currently with a regular partner, perhaps a month. (Don’t roll your eyes. I once went two years without partnered sex. Yes, by choice.)

During your time of abstinence time, concentrate on all events, activities, entities, etc. that give you pleasure: Favourite music, food, sunshine, snuggling in bed, taking an evening walk, a bath.… Keep a journal if you’re so inclined.

At the end of the period, mentally place sex as one of these pleasures, in equal value. In other words, level out the playing field and put sex in perspective. Try to see it as beautiful as a sunset or a fine piece of chocolate.

In this way, you’ll have discovered more opportunities to experience bliss in your daily life.

[end of sample excerpt]

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