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“Welcome to my little corner of the erotic world of sex, where my writer friends and I offer you a few salacious reads that just might ignite your libidinous curiosity. BTW, did you know that women who read erotic sex have 74% more sex? It’s true … enjoy!” – Lori

Conflict of Interest

“Wow! The jet, the yacht … Yale. The only thing hotter than the conflict is the fantasy. Couldn’t put it down.”

Yale Walters is more than an investment risk for Victoria Dyson, he is an irresistible conflict of interest. She’s torn between financial responsibility and sexual attraction. The brash, brilliant, sexy entrepreneur has her in a compromising position, caught between her firm’s half-billion-dollar investment and fantasies that money can’t buy.

The seduction is shameless … from his sumptuous office and private jet to his luxury yacht and a Caribbean island. Then the bad guys show up, the storm hits and sexual pleasure turns to primal fear.

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“The only thing more intriguing than the sexy sheriff, Mike Cougar, is the murder mystery and the delicious romance with his hot deputy sheriff, Gritt Hansen, Olympic medalist in the women’s 400 metres.”

The only witness to Sheriff Mike Cougar’s secret is the dead Chrystine Goodall, the beautiful wife of Syntex’s CEO. Her murder rips the veneer off a terrorizing question that explodes into corporate offices across America: Is a serial killer assassinating CEOs in an attempt to stop the carnage of corporate downsizing? Mike and his Chief Deputy, the much-too-sexy-to-be-a-cop, Gritt Hansen, must solve two mysteries – the unimaginable truth behind the murders and the truth behind their irresistible sexual attraction. Read excerpt ... a peek to peak your interest (5 min read) >> Buy at Love & Sexcess Bookstore (page 2) >>

Coming soon … Deep Seduction

“The only thing more visceral than the fear is the love and sex.”

Brooke Taylor and Bryce Mack meet out of the blue, in the deep blue, when, as an experienced SCUBA diver, she rescues him off ‘the wall,’ far below the coral reef on the edge of the abyss. In those frightening moments, they rise from the depths of hell to the heights of heaven – life itself – and begin a journey of discovery that goes beyond the fathomless currents of the ocean and the bounds of sexual fantasy. She is swept up in his adventurous search for lost treasure and leaving behind her ‘best friend’ and dive master, Julio, lives aboard Bryce’s $50 million yacht. They explore the wonders of the deep and the deep wonders of eroticism and uncover her unrequited need for true love. Bryce? Julio? Then she faces losing it all. Read excerpt … it might seduce you into reading more >>

Deep Seduction publishing April 1, 2022.



Physical Education

Brittany graduated from university with a major in English and straight ‘A’s in Physical Education and sex.

As a freshman, Brittany never considered majoring in Physical Education until she met her university ‘Phys’ Ed’ professor, Olympic gymnast and basketball coach, Hudson Medway. She went on to graduate summa cum laude in English, Physical Education and unbridled sex, thanks to her handsome professor.

Was it nothing more than an introduction to her quest for female independence? Or just an exploration of erotic sex? Or was it more – a search for, and discovery of, love?

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Double Your Pleasure

Can identical twins share everything? It’s one thing to share men, but to share one man – and their secret – ‘until death do us part,’ could be impossible.

The Webster twins, Jackie and Jodi, are identical, and in high school they switched dates whenever they wanted because boys couldn’t tell them apart. Then came university and sexual intimacy and the ultimate test of how identical they really were. It was wild and uninhibited, until they met Harry. Then it was a problem. They fell in love with him – both of them. Could it ever be a life-long, love triangle with a happy-ever-after ending?

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Last Dance Book

Last Dance

To be sexually alive is to be alive, and to be in love is life itself.

When life has a time limit, can love be limitless? Penny thinks so, Jason hopes so. Time will tell.

Penny meets Jason at a cancer workshop in Chicago and the life-force of their voracious sexual attraction turns their very-alive carnal desires into a life-changing journey of seduction and destiny. It’s more than a search for a cure, more than a pursuit of romance, more than a thirst for love, it’s a quest for life itself.

Can the need for love be transformed into the will to live?

Read Last Dance as part of our 3-in-1 bundle of short stories, Erotic Threesome. Buy 3-in-1 bundle now for ONLY $2.99.

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Sacred Coruption

“Tremendously compelling, fascinating throughout … well drawn characters.” – Writer’s Digest

The sins of the Father and sins of the flesh are all forgiven in the sins of big money, ruthless politics and religious power?

Working high above the glass ceiling in New York, Jennifer Sloan, corporate lawyer, single mom and independent woman, is falling in love with the charming, seductive Dale Arnason, the quintessential, multi-billion-dollar deal maker. Until the sins of the Catholic Church – money and power – pull them into a life-threatening vortex of greed and evil.

Can forbidden love overcome unimaginable corruption?

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Sacred Corruption publishing July, 2022.


Trust is non-negotiable for Natalie, the problem is she doesn’t trust herself.

The promise of Paradise is magnificent, and so is the irresistible, indomitable, incorrigible billionaire, Rance Sanders. For Natalie, the seductive promise is as enticing as the trust is elusive. Ensconced on his $200 million yacht on Paradise Island, Bahamas, she’s caught between her romantic obsession and her innate distrust of rich men. Is he different?

Is he in control of the lavish empire she’s been invited into or is it just a cover-up of the truth, of a crumbling family fortune? What does he value more, power or truth, control or honesty, family or her? And what’s driving her to stay with him, her addiction to wealth, her appetite for sex or … something deeper?

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Harvard Cowboy

Deidre wasn’t looking for romance, just fun and a fling. Until she met the Harvard Cowboy.

Deidre (Dee) was done with men, including her fiancé, it was over. At twenty-nine, she was committed to the single life – for life. Then she met Eric, a right-out-of-the-movies, handsome, rugged, sexy cowboy. Except he was from Harvard – a summer cowboy, working in mountain country.

She made two discoveries. First, trail riding with a young cowboy, alone in breathtaking mountain splendor, was an unimaginable romantic moment and an irresistible sexual fantasy. Secondly, she discovered that Harvard was a great place to learn sex education but a lousy place to learn ‘survival-in-the-wild’ skills.

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