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“The only thing more visceral than the fear is the love and sex.”

Brooke Taylor and Bryce Mack meet out of the blue, in the deep blue, when as an experienced SCUBA diver, she rescues him off ‘the wall,’ far below the coral reef on the edge of the abyss. In those frightening moments, they rise from the depths of hell to the heights of heaven––life itself. They begin a journey of discovery that goes beyond the fathomless currents of the ocean and the bounds of sexual fantasy.

Brooke is swept up in Bryce’s adventurous – often reckless – search for shipwrecks and lost treasure. Leaving behind her ‘best friend’ and dive master, Julio, she lives aboard Bryce’s $50 million, deep-sea diving yacht, spending glorious days and nights living on, and under, the ocean. They explore everything from the wonders of the deep to the deep wonders of eroticism––and more––and she uncovers her unrequited need for true love. Bryce? Julio? Then one day she faces losing it all in the perilous deep.