Where’er you be let your fantasies go free.


Physical Education

Brittany graduated from university with a major in English and straight ‘A’s in Physical Education and sex.

As a freshman, Brittany never considered majoring in Physical Education until she met her university ‘Phys’ Ed’ professor, Olympic gymnast and basketball coach, Hudson Medway. She went on to graduate summa cum laude in English, Physical Education and unbridled sex, thanks to her handsome professor. Was it nothing more than an introduction to her quest for female independence? Or just to explore erotic sex? Or was it more––the search for, and discovery of, love?


Double Your Pleasure

Can identical twins share everything? It’s one thing to share men, but to share one man––and their secret––’until death do us part,’ could be impossible.

The Webster twins, Jackie and Jodi, are identical, and in high school they switched dates whenever they wanted because boys couldn’t tell them apart. Then came university and sexual intimacy and the ultimate test of how identical they really were. It was wild and uninhibited, until they met Harry. Then it was a problem. They fell in love with him––both of them. Could it be a life-long love triangle and a happy-ever-after ending?

Last Dance Book

Last Dance

To be sexually alive is to be alive, and to be in love is life itself.

When life has a time limit, can love be limitless? Penny thinks so, Jason hopes so.

Penny meets Jason at a cancer workshop and the life-force of their voracious sexual attraction turns their very-alive carnal desires into a life-changing journey of seduction and destiny. Maybe love?