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Longer sex does not equal better sex!

Vaginas are durable but too long can ... cause long recovery times. "[Even though the] vagina is incredibly durable, it's important to know that if you want to go 'all night long,' you have a lube to take you through." – Marla Renee Stewart,…
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Is Your Sex Lube Full of Toxic Chemicals?

Probably ... if so, it's time to go natural. (4 min) "Do you really know what you're putting on your genitals?" Excellent article from Michael Stahl at InsideHook. He states clearly, "Many legacy lubricants, like KY and Astroglide, for example,…

“Okay ladies, take your position …” as in your favorite one.

Because if you aren't in the right position, no orgasm for you. And everybody is different and every position works differently. Here are the "confessions" of a dozen women on the sex positions that work for them. In this article from Glamour,…