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“I have never had an orgasm.” – Sherry

"I am afraid to have an orgasm." – Denise. “For me there’s a lot of shame wrapped up in this topic.” “I’m excited and I’m also terrified.” “I’ve spent my whole life running the other way. And I’m ready to stop doing…

“Spontaneous desire” can sustain a lifetime of sexual connection

It's like a lightening bolt to the genitals – Kaboom! "Spontaneous desire is one of two ways couples sustain a strong lifetime of sexual connection," says Emily Nagoski Emily Nagoski, sex educator and author of the bestselling book, Come…
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What’s in your nightstand?

Maybe it holds a secret or two about your sex life? Or not. (2 min) Lori Hughes shares the four "must-haves" she has in her nightstand. And why? "I used to have a large nightstand filled with all kinds of 'stuff.' But I'm a minimalist so…