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Read to stimulate the erotic brain – and your relationship.

Of course, arousal starts in the brain, and many experts claim reading erotic literature can “fire fantasies and provide sexual happiness whether you are single or in a relationship.” It gives “bedtime reading” a whole new meaning with…
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The Story of O – Review

“I read Story of O and I think, you know, if you’ve read Story of O you’ve kind of read the ultimate.” —J. K. ROWLING J. K. Rowling knows a thing or two about "the ultimate" in storytelling and when it comes to the ultimate in erotic,…
Human sexuality is somewhere between badly broken and dead
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A New Year’s Letter From The Editors

(2.5 minute read) A Happy New Year to all our readers and members! 46% of women prefer a good-night’s sleep to sex. 54.6% of women fake orgasm / men 16/4%. If ever there was a New Year's resolution that needs to be made and pursued by…