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The emptiness of cheating: A woman’s sad diary

As Gore Vidal said, "Sex is." That's it, nothing more. And yet, when we read a diary like this thirty-nine year old, New York woman, with multiple secret boyfriends, most of us are taken aback that she's asking, 'Why do I cheat on my boyfriend,…
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The Sexus of Henry Miller

Must-read rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ Must-read ratings (1♥ – 5♥) are based on our opinion of the book’s contribution to  understanding, enjoyment and entertainment in all things related to love, sex & success (3 minute read + a Sexus…

Pornography – an old perspective that’s still fucked up

"Ever since our Puritan Republic became a gaudy empire, pornography has been big business for the simple reason that freedom of expression is joined with the freedom to make a lot of money." – Gore Vidal, 1966 Vidal wrote a marvelous essay…